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Exhibition DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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More info: www.xiustudio66.com Instagram: xiustudio66 I'm a multidisciplinary designer, who prioritises holistic design. Experience working in a museum, a gallery and a studio, providing my problem-solving skillset to deliver engaging messages around sustainability, social justice, and critical design thinking. I’m always seeking creative oppourtunities to spark mutual growth.
  • Anti-drug addiction exhibition - CTBC tender work
    Anti-drug addiction exhibition - CTBC tender workWhat is the client’s need? CTBC(Chinatrus commercial bank) is one of the biggist bank in Taiwan and also known as a long time promoter of anti-drug addiction. This year the company want to held an exhibition tour around Taiwan. They wish the exhbition can be uniquely designed and provide an immersive expeirence for its audience. What are the problems? Mobility and easily assembled are the top priority of this design, due to the need of exhibition tour. Under these limitation it greatly effect h
  • Tate Exchange: Power of material - coffee
    Tate Exchange: Power of material - coffeeProblem? Tate modern operates its coffee shop which dedicates to produce sustainable and fair-trade coffee beans, however, they are lacking a marketing strategy for its product's story to its customers. In response, me and my team provide an exhibition plan, Power of material: coffee which provides a platform to convey memorable information to the general public.
  • 台灣文博會(Expo Taiwan), Form Form exhibition
    台灣文博會(Expo Taiwan), Form Form exhibitionWhat is the problem? 單挑概念設計Singular concept is a product design company that has no experience of designing interactive installation, however, the company wants to take on the installation cases in the future. Form Form exhibition helps them to achieve that goal.
  • BIFoR FACE- Birmingham Institute of Forest Research
    BIFoR FACE- Birmingham Institute of Forest ResearchWhat is the client’s need? BIFoR FACE is an outdoor experiment operated by Birmingham institute. The project aims to measure the impact of elevated levels of CO2 on the woodland ecosystem. The institute wants to use this exhibition to attract funding, so they wish to evoke an immersive woodland experiecne and highlight the importance of their project.
  • Social distancing reminder
    Social distancing reminderWhat is the problem? Although signs and banners are the fastest and cheapest way to convey messages, but they might not be the most effective. People tend to be disobedient if they have just been told what to do and not to do.
  • Fast & slow design - Teaparty
    Fast & slow design - TeapartyWhy Fast&Slow design? Everyone has their way of thinking, sometimes it can cause personal bias and prejudice which limit us from thinking freely and we miss new opportunities. Fast & Slow design aims to tackle this issue.
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Work history
    Exhibition designerCt design
    TaiwanFull Time
    product designersingular concept
    Taipei, TaiwanFull Time
    Design interacitve installation for the company Using CAD, Photoshop to create product's visual Deisgning the product's mechanism
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    In the last 10-15 years craft and making activities have been attracting more attention in the design industry and beyond. Engaging fully with the broadening and diversifying debates around making, the course reflects the notable shift in the discipline’s focus towards ethical and environmental issues. These may manifest in the development of new materials, or reconfiguration of existing systems and resources, while others address diversity, ecology, inclusivity and empowerment of individuals.