Tate Exchange: Power of material - coffee

  • Andy Connacher
Tate modern operates its coffee shop which dedicates to produce sustainable and fair-trade coffee beans, however, they are lacking a marketing strategy for its product's story to its customers. In response, me and my team provide an exhibition plan, Power of material: coffee which provides a platform to convey memorable information to the general public.

We design an interactive installation by using wasted coffee grounds from Tate's cafe. These coffee columns represent the natural resources when audiences come they will scoop some of the coffee grounds from the column and press them into a cube to place them on top of the column. Eventually, the whole installation will collapse.

How does it work?
During the process, people might not understand what they were doing, but after the interaction they will be curious and interested in what it's about, then they will look into the detailed information. Finally found out that the whole interaction is to represent the result of the unsustainable coffee industry, then they will recognize the value of Tate's sustainable coffee beans.