Joanna Hulley

Product DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Joanna Hulley

Product DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • The Glamour of it all
    The Glamour of it allWith Drag now taking up its space in modern pop culture it seems it has come far beyond the small underground clubs it was born in. This got me thinking. Where is it going now? Where actually IS is now? What does drag mean to people? What is the community like? What goes on before and after the shows that the public don't see? To answer these questions I interviewed members of the modern Drag community from all around the world to gather their opinions and knowledge to inform this book. I was
  • The Fundamentals of Design Practice
    The Fundamentals of Design PracticeThe designs exhibited are contributions to one of my Undergraduate Degree Modules; The Fundamentals of Design Practice. I produced two spreads visualising the concept of white space in editorial design, based on the text 'On White Space in Graphic Design' by Keith Robertson. Additionally, I produced a series of posters themed around typography, each exploring different visual styles and language.
  • Sphygmo
    SphygmoA university project submission to the International Society of Typographic Designers. Sponsored by the type foundry, Monotype, this brief challenged me to create a type-based brand identity for a health tech company. Prioritising a typographic approach, my final solution needed to be engaging and compelling in order to sustain the illusion of being a real brand. After developing my typographic brand I decided to focus on where/how the typography would be applied. Naturally influenced by comme
  • Setlist
    SetlistFesticket are a London-based, e-commerce site that package together tickets for music events with travel and accommodation. I created an in-house task management system that would organise a large amount of design requests coming in from multiple departments within Festicket. I was the sole designer working on this project producing wireframes, initial concepts, high fidelity designs and interactive prototypes. Breaking down the project into research, ideation and design iteration phases I was
  • Political Animal - Poster Design
    Political Animal - Poster DesignChallenged to design a poster which promotes the Political animal campaign that motivates 16 to 24 year olds to join the emergent movement. My main idea was to use the language young people use to their friends, so I used the phrase "My G's", which means friend/s. I used the font and colour scheme from the Bite the Ballot style guide and they are all in different size because I wanted to represent different voices and background of the youths.
  • Re:Human
    Re:HumanMy FMP animation from my graduating year from the Illustration course at the University of Portsmouth.
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