The Glamour of it all

With Drag now taking up its space in modern pop culture it seems it has come far beyond the small underground clubs it was born in. This got me thinking. Where is it going now? Where actually IS is now? What does drag mean to people? What is the community like? What goes on before and after the shows that the public don't see? To answer these questions I interviewed members of the modern Drag community from all around the world to gather their opinions and knowledge to inform this book. I was blown away by the dedication and passion every single member had and by the stories they told of their community and it's acceptance. I wanted to celebrate and explore this topic through the creation of a coffee table style book. The book contains artwork and design that aims to express what drag is about while the content analyses what Drag is today. Segments and quotes from my interviews have been combined with photography to create a post-modern anarchic feel and text is intended to express views and insights as well as aiming to start conversations about the tricky stuff. Topics include; The Drag effect, gender identity, gender expression, acceptance, community, family, self-discovery, talent, and more. This book was created for anyone who loves and appreciates Drag or wants to know more. I hope it opens the minds of the readers unfamiliar with Drag and it’s community and that it provokes and entertains those who already love it.

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