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My path is split between scientific and artistic approaches. The scientific facilitates a holistic vision with a broad scope and systemic perspective, while the artistic allows for creative expression and connecting with others. Music composition and production were the starting point, the first seed. Social media, marketing and communication management, web design, imagery and video content generation, and social network management have all followed as equally vital components. Each discipline is like a plant in a garden I am growing. This garden, my new project, is called Amber Foil. Like any attentive gardener, I am caring not only for each individual plant, but also for the way in which they interact. This is not a private garden. It is an experience and virtual space I am building for visitors, so I must tend to the ways in which the public can access it. Amber Foil is becoming a place of intersection for a diversity of plant species (internal and external networks and content), both native to the ecosystem (my creation) and also imported through the projects of others via strong collaborative bonds. These bonds began in my city, Lisbon, and are reaching quickly into a global environment. This holistic approach is present in all of my present projects, and equally in the way I enter into the projects of others. My own projects have served as both playground and classroom for developing the skills needed to contribute resources to other creatives.

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  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Composition
  • Photoshop
  • Soundtrack Composition
  • Kung Fu
  • Videographer
  • Social Media Management
  • Stage Management

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        Amber Foil

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          Um Coletivo


          Work history


          Musician / Composer

          Amber Foil

          Jan 2016
          • Lisbon, Portugal
          • Full Time
          • Founder, composer, producer, guitarist, vocalist, social media manager and communication, designer, creative writing and video creator.


          Music Producer

          João Filipe

          Jan 2014
          • Lisbon, Portugal
          • Freelance
          • 2017 Music Showreel -> My work is based on the concept and the purpose of the project combined with my own musical language. So, each project is a project and I re-discover myself and my music in each challenge I come across.


          Musician, Videographer, Assistant Producer

          Um Coletivo

          Feb 2016 - Jan 2018
          • Portugal
          • Freelance
          • Live Music and Sound Design in "Escuridão Bonita" theatre show. Producer assistant in "Três Irmãs" which won "Actress of the Year" and "Play of the Year" at the fifth edition of Time Out Prizes 2016. Videographer for the collective's events such as "A Salto" festival.



          Masters on Electrothecnical and Computers Engineering

          Instituto Superior Tecnico

          Sep 2012
          • Lisbon, Portugal
          • Master in Telecommunications (major area) and Electronics (minor area).


          May 2016 - Sep 2016
          • Cascais, Portugal


          Guitar Instruction, Music Composition, Sound Mixing

          Private Lessons with Nicholas Ratcliffe

          Jul 2008 - Feb 2015
          • Lisbon, Portugal



          Best Musical Score

          48 hour film festival

          • This was my first experience as soundtrack film composer/producer. An award within the 48 Hour Film Project Castelo Branco 2014 festival with the short film "Do Céu Já Não Caem Lágrimas".