Jonathan Charles

Jonathan Charles

Graphic DesignerAberdeen, United Kingdom
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Jonathan Charles

Jonathan Charles

Graphic DesignerAberdeen, United Kingdom
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Hi there, I'm Jonathan, also known as Jonny. During my honours year at Grays School of Art, a lot of my work has been focused around branding and advertising with some photography and illustration integrated too. I like to test my myself in various types of projects to broaden my range of skills and to become a better graphic designer. My email is:
  • Burnside Brewery
    Burnside BreweryBurnside Brewery was my main project for this years work. The brief was completely self directed and I have created a total rebrand for the company. Redesigning their logo, beer bottle labels, photography style and an engaging and structured website design. Each beer and their recipe are unique with each label having its own quirky illustration that is inspired by the names and short descriptions.
    #MARTINITIMEThis project was for the D&AD New Blood Awards: MARTINI I decided to create the theme of the brief around 'togetherness'. The arms in the design flow in and around each other, connecting through each page of the app. The Martini brand needed to reach out to a younger demographic so I decided to create the style of the illustrations in a fun and engaging way. The colour theme is vibrant to bring in the attention that it was lacking. With the help of the SLIDE AR app, I was able to create a conce
  • Amazon Prime Video
    Amazon Prime VideoThe brief was to create artwork for an individual team, that would then appear on the television pre kick off. The artwork had to show passion and get people excited for the games. My outcomes were based around the nicknames connected with the teams for Newcastle and Leicester City. The Liverpool design was based off a statement by the manager, describing the team. The graffiti style was inspired by fan made banners that were used in the football stadiums. The final mockups were created to sho
  • Photography work for Burnside Brewery
    Photography work for Burnside BreweryMy main project this year was focused around Burnside Brewery. The aim was to create a conceptual rebrand for the beer labels but during the development stage I also created some strong photography for them to use. After visiting the brewery, I purchased some of their beers, with the intention to photograph in the studio at Grays. I did a lot of experimentation with the visuals and was able to create these outcomes which made the beers look colourful, eye-catching and fresh.
    INFOGRAPHICDATA PROJECT- To begin the year I was asked to create a poster design for the data show. The poster must be in an infographic style that was based on the theme that one of our projects would be based on later in the year. I had already decided that I would be doing a project based around sports so I decided to create an infographic based on Tiger Wood's 2019 Masters victory.. The information surrounding the illustration depicts his scores from each of his individual rounds spread over the four d
    #YESBALLGAMESMy task was to take photography of the Streetsports footballs, which would appear on the Yes Ball Games website. My work was very much focussed around an 'urban' theme and it is consistent throughout this project... The graffiti was created using stencils and chalk spray provided by the Streetsports team.
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  • Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University, BA (Hons) Communication Design
    Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University, BA (Hons) Communication DesignOur course offers you the opportunity to explore Communication Design through the investigation of traditional techniques and the latest digital technologies and production methods. Industry-led projects, European exchanges, national design competitions, placements and internships are all integral to the curriculum and place an emphasis on the professional and commercial setting.
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  • Product Photography
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  • Adobe Photoshop