Kenrick Fischer

Kenrick Fischer

Creator | Designer | Photographer | ArtisanNew England, USA
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Kenrick Fischer

Kenrick Fischer

Creator | Designer | Photographer | ArtisanNew England, USA
About me
I am a multi-disciplined artisan with a strong connection to light, nature, and conservation. In the darkened walls of a theatre I bring environments to life with emotional and dynamic lighting design. With my camera in hand, I capture compelling images of nature with the hope of inspiring others to appreciate and protect the wonders around us all. I create videos to encourage outdoor exploration and to help dismantle the unnecessary materialistic gear lists we're too often told we need. I aim to work with ethical outdoors companies that have prioritized conservation practices within their businesses. I hold the desire for a fulfilling life to a greater value than wealth and seek to share in my adventures with my friends.
  • Making a Change and Exploring New Spaces
    Making a Change and Exploring New SpacesMoving away from a long-lasting comfort zone to embrace new areas of self-awareness.
  • House of Worship Lighting Design
    House of Worship Lighting DesignLighting and controls update to Seattle Revival Center church in Newcastle, WA. Provided specification and design for all lighting instruments, rigging layout, lighting console, congregation overhead lighting, touch-screen room controls, and networking. Specifically worked with pastor's request for lighting to bring the experience to a modern feel and be able to broadcast over streaming video. Worked closely with The Lighting Group NW in Seattle for equipment demos and controls.
  • Theatre Lighting Design
    Theatre Lighting DesignA small selection of images from a variety of lighting design work across various productions and companies
Work history
    Kenrick Fischer Artistries, LLC logo
    Kenrick Fischer Artistries, LLC logo
    Creator | Designer | Photographer | ArtisanKenrick Fischer Artistries, LLC
    United StatesFreelance
    Bespoke lighting design for theatre, dance, and opera. Lighting specification and design for custom installations. Digital media creator.
  • Lighting Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Storytelling
  • Collaboration
  • CAD Vectorworks
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
    Master of Fine Art (M.F.A.)University of Washington, Seattle
     - Seattle, United States
    MFA for lighting design.
    Bachelor of Fine ArtMetropolitan State University of Denver
     - Denver, United States
    BFA in Technical Theatre and Design