Making a Change and Exploring New Spaces

  • Kenrick Fischer

Moving away from a long-lasting comfort zone to embrace new areas of self-awareness.

As a storytelling and creative practice, I have been attempting to write a few articles each month. I have a varying amount of interests so I'm not going to write about just one thing, I'm really exploring this realm. What I do know is that I don't want to go down the click-bait path that results in an underwhelming article, I'd much rather focus on substance that count clicks.

What will this amount to? I have no idea; this is a practice and posting online is really about accountability. Ultimately, I would like to "find my voice" that will then populate through all of my creative work.

If there are writers out there that have the time, I'm open to creative feedback.
After Almost 15 Years of Android, I'm Swiching to Apple. Here's Why.

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