Kitty Kampf

Kitty Kampf

Junior CreativeUnited Kingdom
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Kitty Kampf

Kitty Kampf

Junior CreativeUnited Kingdom
  • Connect 4 Climate - Small Steps
    Connect 4 Climate - Small StepsProblem: It’s difficult to feel our individual actions can have any real impact if there is no link made between large-scale solutions and individual practical actions. Insight: 80% of teens feel under pressure to save the plant, but they don’t know how as they are rarely hearing about it in the classroom Solution: Each student in participating schools will be given a biodegradable card designed to track purchases and travel means. These will then be represented as carbon credits on an onli
  • - Kings of Confusion - Kings of ConfusionProblem: Insurance is the dullest thing on earth – there’s a natural customer disinterest and you have to battle for people’s time. Insight: We buy from people we like, and humor is the easiest and fastest way to get there. Solution: We wanted to keep up the humour and entertainment side to price comparison advertising, exaggerating confusion. We did this by using who we believe are the kings of confusion – Tim and Eric.
  • Natural History Museum - Our Future Planet
    Natural History Museum - Our Future PlanetProblem: Climate change is real, humans are actively damaging the planet and we are running out of time to stop it from completely destroying it. Insight: Shock tactics are effective when it comes to social issues like climate change - people will respond more to problems when they can see the detrimental impact on them first hand Solution: The Our Future Planet exhibition at the Natural History Museum is a fully immersive, walk-through exhibition showing the Earth may look in the year 2050
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  • Falmouth University, BA(Hons) Creative Advertising
    Falmouth University, BA(Hons) Creative AdvertisingPitching, hustling, scribbling, sea swimming, protesting, researching, dog walking, arguing, crafting and having fun. Week in, week out. That's how, in 2018 and 2019, our students have won the most number of awards compared to any other ad school in the world. Our course has an uncompromising emphasis on learning by doing. And it works. Our grad network is the biggest and most successful in the world, and you will find Falmouth folk working in renowned ad agencies including Ogilvy, Wieden
  • - The Kings Of Confusion - The Kings Of ConfusionKicking it up a notch in the insurance game with the confusion masters.
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