Lawrence Ball-Piatti

Global Business LeadLondon, United Kingdom
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Lawrence Ball-Piatti

Global Business LeadLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Expedia Travel Yourself Interesting
    Expedia Travel Yourself InterestingExpedia was operating in a highly commoditised and very competitive market. It identified a target audience of travel fanatics who believed travel made them more interesting people and who were prepared to spend more than average on purchasing online travel. The Travel Yourself Interesting campaign was the result of a brief to Ogilvy to build on this insight and create a cut through campaign, that eschewed the category cliches of "palm trees and price points". Running for several years, acros
  • Expedia, Travel Yourself Interesting
    Expedia, Travel Yourself Interesting
  • Kronenbourg - Le Scarecrow Supreme
    Kronenbourg - Le Scarecrow SupremeThe Drum's Creative Work of the Week: Kronenbourg - Le Scarecrow Supreme. This Kronenbourg 1664 campaign sees Eric Cantona embody a life-size scarecrow who will stop at nothing to guard the hops from pests. The former footballer returns to Alsace, France, the birthplace of the beer, where his various escapades bring to life the region’s eccentricities and demonstrate his dedication to the brand. The social campaign ran on Facebook, YouTube and a branded Amazon landing page. https://www.thedrum.
  • Pukka Pimm's
    Pukka Pimm'sPimm’s is the ultimate British summer drink; and that’s the problem! To drive sales during the chillier months, we connected Pimm’s with a culinary occasion: curry. This also solved the problem for the high percentage of curry-eaters who don't like beer. Pimm's has the perfect balance of sweet and spice (minus the nasty tannins of wine and the overpowering strength of other spirits) - making it the ideal alcoholic drink to accompany an Indian feast. To showcase this new combination, we opened the Pukka Pimm’s pop up on Brick Lane. The experiment surprised and delighted the media, public and trade bodies, and gave Pimm's a new purpose and drinking occasion outside of garden parties and BBQs.
  • Expedia
  • BP Fuels
    BP Fuels
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