Margarita Rojas Lopez-Abadia

Margarita Rojas Lopez-Abadia

Direction, Animation and IllustrationBarcelona, Spain
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Margarita Rojas Lopez-Abadia

Margarita Rojas Lopez-Abadia

Direction, Animation and IllustrationBarcelona, Spain
About me
I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but migrated to Barcelona very young. I studied Art History and then decided that it was not for me, so I switched to illustration and 2d animation. I have been working in advertising for animation over 8 years, as a Director, Illustrator, Animator and clean up artists. What you see here is a mix between my personal work and the work I do for others. I have many styles and tend to make the style according to each project. I think each project that I am in has its own life and process. I am a jack of many styles.
  • Audi_ El Clásico
    Audi_ El ClásicoIllustration done for this multimedia piece for Audi donde by Fake Studio in Barcelona. Directed by Hans Emanuel.
  • Strange Encounters
    Strange EncountersSeeing is believing they say. Well I couldn't believe it , all these tropical animals just there, walking around. I read in the New York Times that because of climate change animals where behaving strangely and migrating to other parts of the continent. It felt strangely familiar all these tropical animals apart from the local fauna. It felt like I was back home in Caracas. It was sadly magnificent, like the calm before the storm. Three months of preapocalyptic beauty.
  • StayHome
    StayHomeI was walking my dog one day when I noticed that the group of people that live under a bridge near my house, had hung a painting. I thought, curious. A couple of days later they had a dinning room table and more paintings (of animals and landscapes). more days passed and they even had a kids room. I found it so beautiful and sad at the same time. Of course it was not long before they got ¨evicted¨ . I have mixed feelings about this because why should they not make a home. I mean, they even had
  • Sofinco Travel
    Sofinco TravelAnimation piece for multimedia add for Sofinco Bank. This is a small l piece in a big multidisciplinary Piece Directed by the great Lorena Medina
  • Mushroom Madness
    Mushroom MadnessDigital illustrations of one of my obsessions:Fungi
  • CosmoCaixa Museum
    CosmoCaixa MuseumViewed zoologically, we Homo Sapiens are a culture-bearing upright-walking species. These are animations of our distant relatives that roamed Africa for millions of years before us. You can see our work in the new permanent exhibit in CosmoCaixa Museum and discover the cosmos and the evolution of life from the Big Bang to the present day.
Work history
    Barcelona, SpainFreelance
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  • Digital Illustration
    IllustrationCentro de Diseño Digital - CDD. Caracas, Venezuela
    Illustration and 2D animation