Maria Sancho

-London, United Kingdom
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Maria Sancho

-London, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • Sonos x Dazed Open House
    Sonos x Dazed Open HouseI wanted to create always-on platform with scale to remind our consumer of the benefits of Sonos outside of key campaign times. I chose Dazed as our media partner as our audiences align whilst providing optimum reach. I wanted to bring to life the importance of listening out loud in the home and the effect this has on creativity and relationships. In order to tell this message in an interesting way, I wanted to partner with iconic British artists to share their experience of the music they have
  • Sonos Rescored
    Sonos RescoredTo launch our new product Playbase, I set out to see how far we could push the power of sound in home theater. I wanted to get the final sound the consumer hears as close to what you would hear in the recording studio. I put together the best ‘ingredients’ to create the best possible sound; Oscar winning composer Stephen Price (Gravity), Grammy Award-winning producer (Giles Martin), Studio One at Abbey Road and 58 of the best handpicked musicians in the country. I wanted to give this power to an
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