Sonos Rescored

To launch our new product Playbase, I set out to see how far we could push the power of sound in home theater. I wanted to get the final sound the consumer hears as close to what you would hear in the recording studio. I put together the best ‘ingredients’ to create the best possible sound; Oscar winning composer Stephen Price (Gravity), Grammy Award-winning producer (Giles Martin), Studio One at Abbey Road and 58 of the best handpicked musicians in the country. I wanted to give this power to an unknown Director starting out who had the visual talent in an existing short film. We embarked on the hunt for a visually stunning short film which we could rescore to push further and show the power sound can have.
I secured two more judges from the world of film; The Observer Film Editor Miranda Sawyer and Bafta Winning Director Simon Cellan-Jones. The winning film would see their new score created by this incredible team and then we would premiere it in Abbey Road’s Studio One to a live audience.
The Guardian created a dedicated section within their website as well as in-depth interviews with Giles and Stephen within their Weekend magazine reaching their 1m weekend readership. We hosted the competition on driving all articles and mentions of the competition into our website.
The competition was also promoted via the BFI (British Film Institute),The British Film Alliance, No Film School and Vimeo. After hosting the competition for 3 weeks, we gathered the judges and had a clear winner in Luke Flannagan with his film Mind The Gap. From selecting our winning film Stephen had just 2 weeks to write the new score. Working closely with Luke, they explored the direction the new score would take the film ensuring Luke’s original vision would be maintained through the new edit. In Abbey Road Studio One, we brought in a 58 strong orchestra to perform and record the new score. Following this, Giles and his team then had just 2 days to produce the score before unveiling it at our live event.
The final film with its new sound was premiered online with Nowness and on It was also hosted on The Guardian to close our ReScored season with them.