Sonos x Dazed Open House

I wanted to create always-on platform with scale to remind our consumer of the benefits of Sonos outside of key campaign times. I chose Dazed as our media partner as our audiences align whilst providing optimum reach.
I wanted to bring to life the importance of listening out loud in the home and the effect this has on creativity and relationships. In order to tell this message in an interesting way, I wanted to partner with iconic British artists to share their experience of the music they have played within their home, both from their childhood, to the present day.
We created a series of 7 podcasts featuring iconic British music talent, 4 x hero talent, 3 x emerging talent in conversation with Dazed Editor Thomas Gorton. Each artist is recorded and photographed in their home, speaking about the role music played within their household from growing up to the current day. To support this, Sonos owns every outside back cover of Dazed print featuring our 4 x hero talent shot by renowned photographer Jamie Morgan.
The podcasts are amplified across the Dazed digital portfolio alongside a bespoke social activation plan. Playlists featuring the songs chosen by each artist are featured on Spotify where listeners can also hear the podcasts.