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Nadya Powell

Founder, Innovation DisorderLondon, United Kingdom
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Nadya Powell

Founder, Innovation DisorderLondon, United Kingdom
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I believe that the way to stay ahead is to keep your eyes firmly on the future hence I've been driving and delivering business change for 20 years. I've successfully built three world class businesses: Dare which won agency of the decade in 2010; Lost Boys one of a generation of start-ups that redefined the social marketing industry; and Sunshine which is challenging the divide between entertainment and advertising. I'm at my best when being an influencer for change in the creative industries. I'm passionate about technology and the positive disruption it can cause and co-founded Innovation Social 4 years ago - an affiliation of Innovation leaders that are driving the innovation agenda forward. Secondly, I view Diversity as critical to business success and co-founded Millennial Mentoring and The Great British Diversity Experiment (, both which seek to drive diversity in communications. In December 2016 I co-founded ChristmasSOwhite which drove global attention to the lack of diverse imagery in Christmas communications. I'm on the Executive Committee of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) as the chair of their Diversity Committee, on the Advisory Council of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and is a regular judge, speaker and writer for multiple magazines, newspapers and organisations. I was named a Hot100 by BIMA two years in a row as well as a Hospital Club 100. You can follow me on @NadsBads or read my opinions on
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Projects credited in
  • Pitch MavericksWho exactly is a Maverick? Is it a person who cracks on with total determination, ignoring all others? Or is it someone who turns against the prevailing wisdom, bringing the crowd along with them in the process? Do Mavericks see the world differently? In this issue we’ve featured a selection of Mavericks who are determined to create great work, change the world for the better, or both. We also introduce for the first time, Mavericks from the community. Men and women who have taken a stand to h
  • Innovation Stories - CES Round-up + The Future of Voice and SoundsInnovation Stories, the premium innovation event in the UK for innovation thinkers and leaders from brand, media, consultancy and agency worlds is back.
  • Top 100 Creative SuperheroesTo celebrate the launch of Creative Social’s 3rd book, Creative Superpowers: Equip yourself for the Age of Creativity, we have pulled together a list of our Top 100 Creative Superheroes. These are people that we believe are brilliant examples of makers, hackers, thieves and teachers and are helping to define the upcoming Age of Creativity. We have tried to make the list as diverse as possible (because diversity in itself breeds creativity) and is made up of architects, artists, authors, change-m
  • Creative Superpowers: Equip Yourself for the Age of CreativityDo you remember what it was like to be a child? A time when your imagination would run rife and it was easy to imagine yourself as a superhero. What was your super power? Flying at the speed of light, X-ray vision, invisibility or the ability to turn your Brussel sprouts into ice cream. In Creative Super Powers: Equip yourself for the age of creativity, we have assembled some of the world’s leading creative leaders to bring to life the modern skillset for creative problem solving. Powers which will help you re-learn key traits often forgotten from childhood such as adaptability, curiosity, empathy and fearlessness. The super powers of Hacking, Making, Teaching and Thieving. The book includes contributions from: · Alistair Barr, Founder, Barr Gazetas · Annicken R. Day, Founder, Corporate Spring · David Erixon, Co-founder, Hyper Island; Head of Digital & Innovation, RBS in Ireland · David Pearl (Pearl Group), Founder of Street Wisdom · Faris & Rosie Yakob, Co-founders, Genius Steals · Hugh Garry, Director at Storythings · Justin Smith, Founder, J Smith Esquire · Kerry Friend, Creative Director, Bear Season · Lizi Hamer, Regional Creative Director, Octagon · Lucas Abela, Musician · Morihiro Harano, Creative Director/Founder, Mori Inc. · Nadya Powell, Co-founder, Utopia · Ravi Deshpande, Founder and Chairman at Whyness Worldwide People who will show you how hacking helps you tackle problems in different ways, how making opens up new parts of your brain, how teaching yourself and others consolidates experience in a fast-paced world and how looking to what already exists is a brilliant tool for solving problems. Expect to come away inspired to use your newly learned creative superpowers to thrive in the Age of Creativity. Cape is optional. Now available to pre-order on Amazon HERE. You can read some of our wonderful reviews below:
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    Managing Director
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    Managing DirectorLost Boys
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