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London, United Kingdom


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Lost Boys is a creative digital agency specialising in social and content. We are part of the DigitasLBi family. Step into the wild with us. Need to know more? Here’s the Top 5: 1) We nourish a culture where every one of us is challenged to produce great work. We believe in the wisdom of youth. But what does that mean exactly? It means being fearless. Being inquisitive. Challenging the norm. And being open to trying exciting, new stuff, every day. 2) There’s too much shit content in the world. Especially in digital. Nobody’s looking at it and nobody cares. We give brands a content value proposition as a basis for work that is social by design. And, by the way, the social opportunity for us is not about creating ‘shareable content’ for social platforms. That boat has already sailed thanks to the monetisation of those social platforms. 3) Remember that whole splitting of the media and creative functions? It may have worked for 30 years in the old world, but come on, it’s 2014. We put distribution and creative people together to ensure our ideas find an audience. 4) We aim to lead the market in how we analyse social data to gain insights that inform what we say and where we say it. We believe that the social data opportunity is no less than a global, unfiltered focus group into what audiences think, say and do. There, we said it. 5) Today it is simply impossible for an agency to own all of the talent required to make successful work, all of the time. Things are moving too quickly. Distribution opportunities are proliferating. Creative talent is diversified. So right from the get go we aim to be highly partnership driven: running an ‘open OS’, to use a digital analogy. Yes, it’s a jungle out there. You need a guide with some local knowledge. A bit of patois. A knack for diplomacy. And rugged good looks. You know who to call.

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