okocha obasi

okocha obasi

Art Director & Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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okocha obasi

okocha obasi

Art Director & Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
21 He/Him Multidisciplinary creative working between the fields of Art Directions and Graphic Design. Current director of RACEZINE COLLECTIVE and TONGUE N TEETH club night. Two platforms celebrating and pushing diversity from the creative lens for Black, Asian and Brown creatives, writers, and DJs in the UK. If that be through a club night, panel, publication, or workshop, we don’t just break the mold, But change it. Through rigors freelancing and my proactive progression within the creative field has led a too rich extensive range of experiences and skills ranging in retail, public speaking, creative problem solving, styling, image-making, and event management. Through my years of experience, I have learned the importance of design offering moments of hope, ecstasy, joy, and escape. My practice is informed by the past, but curating for the future. Let’s chat.
  • A Letter to The Future
    A Letter to The FutureThis project was made in conjunction with the project’s dissertation, which was based on the question, How do we Design When Using Technolgy in Regard to The Othered. The notion of the discussion was based on the following readings from the Subaltern, Critical Race, and Black Feminist theory. The conclusion found that ‘Care’ over ‘Concern’ alleviates the possibilities of a design being both exclusive and restrictive to another group’s intersectionality. Using what was found in the discussion,
  • A Letter to The Future 2.O
    A Letter to The Future 2.OCreated by five queer club collectives, committed to transforming the U.K scene, this manifesto is a written testament to the world they want to live in. Borne out of lockdown, these statements have used isolation as a time to reflect, recharge and demand more from our present. We have called our t-shirts ‘The Uniform’paying respect to those protesting worldwide against the raging police brutality in America. As a community we cannot afford to not protest right now, we must stand together and
  • RACEZINE Issue 2
    RACEZINE Issue 2Issue two is the landmark of RACEZINE’s journey, it encapsulates the essence of the identity, mission, and purpose. This was directed by the collective duo Okocha Obasi (creative director and graphic designer) and Lauren Gee (copywriter and content producer) who worked collaboratively to produce this 40-page zine, featuring 34 different creatives in Yorkshire and other parts of the UK. The zine features an array of content from essays, interviews with emerging talent, self-care tips to poetry gi
  • RACEZINE Issue One
    RACEZINE Issue OneRACEZINE issue one collaborated with 28 different creatives and writers of colour. It is a A5, 44-page Riso printed resource sharing a wide range of stories, from self-acceptance to dark skin mark-up tutorials. At the launch party, I held a panel with a POC Leeds based creatives who spoke honestly and at length on their experiences of the creative industries and the role their race played in shaping these opinions. This was followed by a selection of emerging spoken word talent and club night wh
  • Panoptic Kite
    Panoptic KiteThis research project was around the theme of surveillance, investigating the subject from a dialectal viewpoint of power and panoptic prison structures. The outcome was a kite, which when in the sky resembles a floating, omnipotent eye symbolic of the power surveillance has over the public. Up close the kite has names of world leaders with coinciding quotes of things they have said around the laws concerning surveillance. The agenda of the kite was to inform the reader of the different viewpoin
  • COVID19 Unity Poster
    COVID19 Unity PosterThe poster was made to help share positivity during the lockdown because we are all in this together as one <3
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Projects credited in
  • Portraits of Okocha Obasi for 'It's Nice That'
    Portraits of Okocha Obasi for 'It's Nice That'Portraits of Okocha Obasi, the first recipient of the first 'Extra Nice' Fund from It's Nice That for their zine, 'Race Zine'. https://www.itsnicethat.com/features/okocha-obasi-racezine-extra-nice-fund-launch-publication-291020
  • Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    Leeds Arts University, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignThis course will encourage you to develop your voice, opinions, and individual understanding of graphic design. You will explore creative, social, and ethical contexts of contemporary visual culture within your design practice. We are industry-focused and you will seek problems to solve and audiences to connect with. Year One. Focusing on the fundamentals of visual language you will investigate methods and design practice around type, language, image, meaning and message. You will work with an
  • 2D Design
  • 2D Artist
  • 360 Experience
  • 2D Vector
  • 35mm Film Photography
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  • 360 Campaigns
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