Paweł Achtelik

Paweł Achtelik

Director, EditorLondon, United Kingdom
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Paweł Achtelik

Paweł Achtelik

Director, EditorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Some of my fondest memories are built around the filming and editing of family videos - and I developed a deep appreciation of the emotive power of film from an early age. Through my love of film I immersed myself in the craft of filmmaking, taking up voluntary positions in several music and film festivals in Poland. I learned first hand that filmmaking is a multi-faceted vocation, necessitating a deep understanding of each contributing profession in order to be done well. I studied film and television production and after graduating moved to London to practise filmmaking and explore my creative passion. Currently working in a prestigious postproduction house, I continue to learn every day and pursue a career in editing.
  • JPL Atelier - The Alliance Collection
    JPL Atelier - The Alliance CollectionJPL Atelier announced the launch of The Alliance Collection in line with women’s equality day 2020. Collaborating with five extraordinary charities that are close to the brands heart. 30% of proceeds go towards their work to make gender equality a reality in every way.
  • RHTYHM & Resistance : A Symphony of Queer Club Culture
    RHTYHM & Resistance : A Symphony of Queer Club CultureInside The Club Nights That Are The Beating Heart Of The LGBTQIA+ Community.
  • Skarbnik
    SkarbnikWar World Two is over. The sounds of industry echo throughout Silesia and an inexplicable incident at a coal mine sees a miner vanish without a trace. The foreman seeks the help of a local witch who - struggling for survival in the face of a changing world - decides to help.
  • Xylaroo
    XylarooVideos from single release party. At the Jago Dalston, London 13.02.2020. ​ Xylaroo Holly & Coco Chant ​ Joe Singleton - lead guitar Keir Adamson - drums, audio mix Dan Johnson - keys, bass
  • Cactus Boy
    Cactus BoyWhen perennial loner Winston Prickle finds himself attracted to a new co-worker Clem, he’s faced with the dilemma of what to about his lifelong companion and childhood imaginary friend; the giant, lumbering Cactus Man.
  • Scraps
    ScrapsScraps is the story of a boy made of trash, built by his creator Gordon Grott as a surrogate for his estranged son. When Scraps comes to life one day and sees what a perfect family looks like, he decides to try and bond with the only father figure he has.
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Projects credited in
  • JPL-Alliance Collection
    JPL-Alliance Collection
  • JPL Atelier - The Alliance Collection Fashion Film
    JPL Atelier - The Alliance Collection Fashion FilmFashion film and photo campaign for the launch of capsule collection "The Alliance Collection" from London-based eco-luxe brand JPL Atelier.
Work history
    Junior EditorAvenues Studio
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Assistant Editor/Junior EditorCut & Run
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    I was carrying out independent edits, alongside my primary responsibility of preparing media and projects in advance of further editing. I was also responsible for technical support during the editing process and delivering completed projects.
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  • Camera Operation
  • Directing
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Photoshop
  • Videography
  • Post Production
  • Avid
  • Basic Screenwriting
  • Editing
  • Editing Film
  • Editing Avid
  • Adobe Editing
  • After Effects
    The London Film School logo
    The London Film School logo
    Master of ArtsThe London Film School
    London, United Kingdom
    SCHOOL For over 60 years London Film School (LFS) has been the place for emerging creative talent to hone their craft, find their voice and engage directly with the vibrant UK screen industries. With a student cohort from every corner of the globe, LFS has always been a cultural hub where fresh voices, experiences and perspectives rub shoulders with tradition and history. The story of film has played out here at Shelton Street – the pull of celluloid, alongside the push of the new and the emergence of a digital world. Here, we take both seriously to celebrate a tradition of innovation. AN INTRODUCTION TO FILMMAKING An intensive two-year course in the heart of London, the MA Filmmaking trains to a professional level in a full range of filmmaking skills. Students leave with a portfolio of directing, cinematography, editing, producing and sound credits on at least 10 films - usually many more. The school produces around 180 films each year on this particular programme and last year these screened at over 180 festivals, winning many prizes, including the Cannes Palme d’Or for Best Short Film, the most prestigious festival accolade. Learning is based around short film production. Each term these film exercises become more technically sophisticated, more considered and more complex in their ambitions. The school specifies the skill base for each exercise, providing the equipment and training students to new levels in each of the various craft skills. Students make all aesthetic decisions, while solving problems similar to those faced by professional units, on a steeply increasing slope of difficulty. The work is constantly assessed and critiqued. This is the core of The London Film School method. Students learn by applying themselves to aesthetic and practical problems generated by the actual process of filmmaking. This is why the school pushes through so many productions, and why students have more opportunities to work on films than they can realistically take up. A COMPETITIVE EDGE All LFS students learn important filmmaking skills, and practise them in a working unit. There is no film career which is not greatly enriched by an active practical knowledge of the other specialisations. This makes an LFS graduate stand out from future professional colleagues with a single specialisation, at any level.
    Bachelor of Arts with HonoursA. Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University
     - Kraków, Poland
    IDEA Students acquire wide knowledge on film and television. They get to know the duties of the film crew members, as well as learn the stages of film and television production. Starting from the script, through the shooting period up to the post production. Students learn how to work with scriptwriters, directors, actors, journalists, DOPs, production sound mixers, set designers and editors. They learn about both the technique and technology, as well as about the legal aspects of film and TV production. They practice planning, budgeting and reporting. Gaining these specialist skills, students are able to start their career as a Film or TV Producer, Production Manager (PM), Set or Floor Manager, First Assistant Director (First AD), Script Supervisors, Event or Show Producer. PRACTICAL SKILLS The course offers students the possibility to gain practical skills. Film and TV practitioners run the classes – working among others for TVN, Krakow Film Foundation, Krakow Festival Office (KBF) as well as independent producers. The workshops are held in the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University Film and TV Studio, which is professionally equipped. Students benefit from the practical advice of the studio team: journalists, camera operators, sound engineers, editors, studio engineers. Students also have access to well solving complex business problems. PROGRAMME The studies last three years, 6 semesters, end with a diploma exam and the defence of a BA thesis. The study program includes the following modules: basic knowledge, specific knowledge and practical skills. The students have the opportunity to choose some of the subjects. A group of practical subjects includes TV Production as well as Film Production workshops. Workshops and tutorials are run by practitioners from the film and television industry. The program also includes a mandatory 3-month practice (Vocational Training Practice).