Shohaib Bahadar

Shohaib Bahadar

User Experience Designer | Interaction DesignerBirmingham, United Kingdom
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Shohaib Bahadar

Shohaib Bahadar

User Experience Designer | Interaction DesignerBirmingham, United Kingdom
About me
Hi there! I am a Birmingham based designer, my area of practise would be UX/UI. I have recently looked into visual experience focused around users empathising what depression feels like. My creative approach would include focusing on research in order to produce the right end product, this would link to my wireframing skills where I aim to build an experience for the user. As a designer I posses the mindset of wanting to improve and become the best I can be. I posses the skill of adapting to my surroundings, this is evident as I have produced a visual experience teaching myself how to use softwares such as Unreal Engine 4 and Blender. Outside of designing, I have my own YouTube channel called Shebz. With my channel, I aim to inspire and motivate those around the world but my main focus is to change the world and help those around the world suffering from mental illnesses.
  • Fornum & Mason
    Fornum & MasonWe want you to choose a headline or news story from The Guardian’s 1st January 2020 edition – either digital or print – and deliver a brand-led creative response. One that will prompt real, tangible action. The headline which I decided to pick was “Learn how to create jaw dropping vegan dishes”. The brand that I decided to pick in order to aid me with this project was Fortnum & Mason.
  • STA Travel
    STA TravelThe brief set out was to bring STA Travel’s brand and ethos to life “Start the Adventure” through a campaign that engages with students and Gen Z. My role in this project was the UX Designer, researcher, idea developer.
  • Prisoner of the Mind - Visual Experience of Depression
    Prisoner of the Mind - Visual Experience of DepressionThis piece is an installation/experience has been produced using Unreal Engine 4 as the game engine and Blender as a modelling tool. This experience has an aim to show users who haven’t suffered from mental illnesses such as depression a chance to gain an insight but an understanding on how the illness feels like. An experience which presents what is going through the mind of a depressed individual, what their surroundings look like and how the world feels as a whole.
Projects credited in
  • Birmingham City University, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication
    Birmingham City University, BA (Hons) Graphic CommunicationGraphic Communication is not defined by a medium or a process – Students graduating from this course are defined by creating the appropriate message. Our students have substance, something beyond a surface impression, their work has depth, meaning and value. We support students to develop research informed, ideas-driven solutions, embracing both digital and traditional processes. We teach our students to critically analyse the context. In this fast changing professional landscape we believe it i
Work history
    UX DesignerKing of saffron
    Birmingham, United KingdomInternship
    During this internship I had the creative role of a UX Designer. I was allocated the task of producing a UX rebrand. The aim of the business was "Our focus is in cultivating the best environment so that we can reap the purest Saffron and share the joy of life with everyone. " By understanding the goals and aims of the business and their target audience I understood what the task at hand was. Through research, focus groups, wireframing and prototyping I was eventually able to produce a refined yet polished with the client was very pleased with.
  • User Flows
  • Mockups
  • Concept Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Data Analysis
  • Motion Design
  • Unreal Engine
  • Adaptability
  • Detail Orientated
    Visual CommunicationBirmingham City University
    Birmingham, United Kingdom