Birmingham City University, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication

  • D &AD
  • Emily Warner
  • Cam Robertson
  • chloe Ambler
  • Phaik Hoon Quah
  • Ruth Yeates
  • Thomas McElroy
  • Katharine Alldritt
  • Nick Collingwood
  • Chloe Brown
  • Freya Madeleine Morris
  • Jessie Jamieson
  • Emily Smith
Graphic Communication is not defined by a medium or a process – Students graduating from this course are defined by creating the appropriate message. Our students have substance, something beyond a surface impression, their work has depth, meaning and value. We support students to develop research informed, ideas-driven solutions, embracing both digital and traditional processes. We teach our students to critically analyse the context. In this fast changing professional landscape we believe it is essential that students understand the limitations and possibilities of their practice. We encourage collaboration through outside engagement with competitions, networking events and live briefs. This broad-based interdisciplinary course allows for the development of specialist skills in a range of areas including advertising, branding, typography, information design, signage and way-finding, art direction, copywriting, user experience and user interface design.
Thomas McElroy, 'A message to you'
Katharine Alldritt, 'Sexpress yourself'
Ben Tipler, 'Together we thrive'
Andreas Solomou, 'Embrace the love'
Cam Robertson & Andreas Solomou, 'The Social Swap'
Freya Morris, 'Twenty-first Century Problems'
Emily Warner, 'Time better spent'
Ruth Yeates, 'Letterpress Arts & Crafts Handbook'
Thomas McElroy, 'AVA'
Shohaib Bahadar, 'UX/UI Designs'.
Chloe Ambler, 'Penguin Passengers'
Nick Collingwood, 'Community'
Chloe Brown, 'Grandison Medical Portfolios'
Cam Robertson, 'National Trust'
Jessica Jamieson, ‘The Clink Charity’