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Sonny Tindall

Hybrid CreatorBristol, United Kingdom
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Sonny Tindall

Sonny Tindall

Hybrid CreatorBristol, United Kingdom
About me
Hi! I’m Sonny. And I'm a young, hardworking and eager hybrid creator based in Bristol. I’m an incredibly visual person with an eclectic love all things creative from videography, to graphic design, to fashion, to photography even writing (to name but a few). I possess experience with various professional softwares including Adobe Premier Pro, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and more. I also thrive within a team environment, I’m not afraid to take up a leadership role within said team if necessary (I am both a student rep in university and a student leader in my Church), alternatively I just as often opt to work diligently behind the scenes for the benefit of the team(as demonstrated by my work with the brand ‘Get the Boys a Lift’ on their ’Spark up a Convo’ campaign) . My single greatest passion in life is learning and perfecting new skills, both for my own personal enjoyment and personal growth. Find my Instagram below... And my Website:
  • Editorial Creative Direction-USW Merch
    Editorial Creative Direction-USW MerchAs we as a society become more and more connected (particularly through digitalization), an emerging trend can be seen of city dwellers and office workers moving to more rural areas, without sacrificing jobs and opportunities that were once exclusive to cities. This has been further exacerbated by the lockdown which saw city dwellers return to rural family homes en masse, as city life became an increasing emotional and financial burden. This is particularly prescient for students, which is in ke
  • Christmas Contemporary Carol Experience
    Christmas Contemporary Carol ExperienceI worked with a team to create an online carol service for Mount Pleasant Church, after it was announced we would be in lockdown over Christmas. The main aim of this service was to provide some refuge for people during lockdown and to lift the Christmas spirit, following some tough news. We wanted to demonstrate that although the Church was physically closed, Christmas was NOT cancelled. Creative Direction and Editing by: Sonny Tindall (Me) Written by: Belle Tindall Musical Director: James Vor
  • Get The Boys A Lift- PR Strategy
    Get The Boys A Lift- PR StrategyBelow was a Live Brief University project I undertook in partnership with Pembrokeshire based clothing brand Get The Boys A Lift. This is my plan/strategy as to how they could expand their operations to Cardiff, and how to market the opening of their new Cardiff site/store. (Note: this was work for university, not an official commission from Get The Boys a Lift)
  • Heritage- Trend Forecast Video
    Heritage- Trend Forecast VideoI recently created a video (for university) which attempts to illustrate a forecasted trend (from a WGSN trend report), Heritage. I decided to re-imagine the typical fashion trend report video format and reinvent it into a more engaging, uplifting and creative film. I wanted to try my hand at spoken word poetry, so I wrote a piece on everything heritage is/can be and matched it with stock imagery. Directed, Written and Edited by: Sonny Tindall Performed by: Belle Tindall Music: David Bowie-L
  • Easter Branding- Mount Pleasant Church
    Easter Branding- Mount Pleasant ChurchAs you'd expect Easter is a pretty big deal for Churches, and Mount Pleasant Church tasked me with creating a multi-media advertising/branding campaign to promote their Easter events to the public. This was a project where I acted as a solo chief creative force, serving as creative director (all outcomes below where my idea), marketing strategist (I was allowed to adopt any strategy I deemed appropriate (print, social media, etc...)) and content creator. I worked directly under the Mount Pleasan
  • Artistic Mundanity
    Artistic MundanityThis is a short fashion film I made shortly before I left home (rural Pembrokeshire) for university. Therefore, before moving to a city, I decided to utilise the stunning and scenic natural environments around me, and shoot something on location. I decided to work the styling (my first time styling in a creative capacity) in with the theme of environment by styling 4 outfits to specifically match 4 local environments through colour tones and shape. Ultimately, this fashion film was an experimen
Projects credited in
  • Spark Up A Conversation - A Mental Health Video
    Spark Up A Conversation - A Mental Health VideoMade as a companion video to the 'Spark Up' collection from GTBAL, the video promotes 'sparking up' a conversation with your friends and family. GTBAL (Get The Boys A Lift) are a mental health charity based in West Wales, UK. They offer free counselling and support, which they fund through the sales of coffee and clothing. - GTBAL - Spark Up A Conversation (A Jake Hicks and Sonny Tindall Video) Written by: Sonny Tindall and Jake Hicks Produced by: Sonny Tindall, Jake Hicks and Gareth Owens D
Work history
    Weekly Online Service CreationMount Pleasant Church
     - United KingdomFreelance
    When lockdown began obviously Churches were no longer able to meet, therefore Church's across the country moved online. Mount Pleasant (whom I had previously worked with in a sporadic content creation capacity) asked me if I could help facilitate this move online, so after planning and discussing the possible options we decided we would create weekly online Sunday Service packages. I was responsible for using Premiere Pro to edit the services, working with musicians to put visuals to their music, recruiting members of the Church to record intros and outros from home and Pastors from across the UK to record their preaches and collating all this into the final service, which I was then also responsible for uploading to YouTube.
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Videography
  • Style Direction
  • Social Media
  • Media Production
  • Abobe Creative Suite
  • Fashion Production
  • Quick Learner
  • Writing
    Fashion PromotionUniversity of South Wales
    Cardiff, United Kingdom
    Studying Fashion Promotion felt like a natural progression from creative media as I was keen to utilise the wide range of creative skills I’d amassed while in college to create content for a subject/topic I was really passionate about, fashion. During my time here at university I have further developed my software and production skills, but have also studied and gained skills in writing/journalism, PR, presenting, styling, marketing strategy and theory, and more. I have also become much more adept at creating unique and innovative concepts and seeing them through to completion.
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - Haverfordwest SA61 1SZ, UK
    This was my first experience of creative education in any form, and was pivotal to me in learning the fundamental stages of the creative process. During this 2 year course I was exposed to an array of subjects within various digital creative fields including web design, magazine design, graphic design, illustration, videography, photography and general media/creative theory, and fell in love with them all. The versatility of this course has helped me to amass an eclectic range of creative skills, and has led me to be the hybrid creative I am today.