Spark Up A Conversation - A Mental Health Video

  • Jake Hicks
  • Sonny Tindall

Made as a companion video to the 'Spark Up' collection from GTBAL, the video promotes 'sparking up' a conversation with your friends and family. GTBAL (Get The Boys A Lift) are a mental health charity based in West Wales, UK. They offer free counselling and support, which they fund through the sales of coffee and clothing. - GTBAL - Spark Up A Conversation (A Jake Hicks and Sonny Tindall Video) Written by: Sonny Tindall and Jake Hicks Produced by: Sonny Tindall, Jake Hicks and Gareth Owens Directed by: Jake Hicks Co-Directed by: Sonny Tindall Shot and Edited by: Jake Hicks Music taken from Loyle Carner's 'Not Waving But Drowning', featuring the voice of Stevie Smith.