Easter Branding- Mount Pleasant Church

  • Sonny Tindall

As you'd expect Easter is a pretty big deal for Churches, and Mount Pleasant Church tasked me with creating a multi-media advertising/branding campaign to promote their Easter events to the public. This was a project where I acted as a solo chief creative force, serving as creative director (all outcomes below where my idea), marketing strategist (I was allowed to adopt any strategy I deemed appropriate (print, social media, etc...)) and content creator. I worked directly under the Mount Pleasant Church Leadership team, whom I presented my ideas to (alongside costings) who then either green lighted or vetoed my ideas. The content is as follows: A 9-day Instagram/Facebook devotional campaign - I worked with a writer and Theology PHD student to write a 9-day daily Easter devotional, in the week leading up to Good Sunday, based on different Bible verses. The accompanying visuals can be seen below (all designed in Easter colours). Flyers -I ventured into the world of print and designed a flyer, in 3 colours, featuring the Easter weekend events itinerary. These flyers were distributed among the local community, displayed in local businesses and given to attendees of the Church to share among their own circles. Sponsored Instagram and Facebook Post -The gif seen below was uploaded to various social medias and including a caption that featured the aforementioned weekend itinerary. We then invested money into sponsoring this post, and micro-marketed it towards great effect, ultimately reaching around1,100 people locals. Motion was added to this piece of content as I felt as though this would be more engaging and visible on peoples congested timeline. 7-Foot Banner Design -The final marketing tactic. The Church plot exists in a prime and popular area within the centre of the local town, this felt like a brilliant opportunity for going big. So, again we invested money and purchased a 7-foot tall banner that would hang from the Church plot, and be quite frankly unmissable. We decided not to perform any gratuitous/in your face self promotion, and instead chose to display an affirming and caring message to the community that we love.