Sve & Ka Crea2ors

Sve & Ka Crea2ors

Creative Team — Creative & Art Direction, Copywriting, UI/UX Design, 3D Design, Brand DesignAgueda, Portugal
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Sve & Ka Crea2ors

Sve & Ka Crea2ors

Creative Team — Creative & Art Direction, Copywriting, UI/UX Design, 3D Design, Brand DesignAgueda, Portugal
About me
Hello from Crea2ors! We are talented professionals excellent in branding design & UI-UX design, 3d design, creative direction and art direction: 12+ years of experience on lead positions. 21+ countries. 20+ spheres of professional activity. 20+ professional programs. 3+ new skills during the last year: 3d design, 3d sculpting, 3d texturing, digital clothes. let's make this world better together!
  • Volia new brand identity
    Volia new brand identityBRAND VOLIA Volia is one of the biggest Ukrainian TV and internet provider. The brand aims to become tv and internet provider perceived by the audience as friendly. Friendly provider is a special philosophy, approach to clients, and a particular mindset — to perceive the world from a positive point of view. Yeeep, troubles happen. Sometimes troubles happen with tv or internet. The truth is that Volia has more positive sides, but people usually notice negative more. Time to shift it! IDEA Lo
  • Aimy's Award toys
    Aimy's Award toysAll big companies have values. So do we!Values influence business results but mostly exist only on paper as it’s hard to integrate them into daily life. We found a solution. Meet AIMY’s — rewards for those who drive the company’s values. Say hello to the 7 AIMY’s characters. Each represents one of our value. Giving for special achievements. To praise them, we created AIMY’s Award website. Once a year we choose the winners through the online voting. Everyone can nominate a peer in any category an
  • Aimbulance design system
    Aimbulance design systemWe started as the local small digital agency with the ambition to be a global network. And our 8 Birthday we celebrate as Marketing agency network with 3 offices. Yeeeep, now we’re cool serious guys. But only one in three small businesses get to the 10-year line. And get a chance to go global. We decided to be that one. And live to tell the tale. Business ambitions arise new challenges: сreate a distinctive and scalable design system. Meet the boundless Identity born from the one element — our l
  • Welcome Kit
    Welcome KitWe designed new employees experience, …so they create more value for the company and themselves in 100 days. Meet AIMBULANCE Welcome Kit — the ultimate guide for newbies in first 100 days. Doodles and zentangles drive creative confidence, so employees experience work in gameful, interesting, empathic way. The main things are Carebook, Ideabook, Workbook. Carebook gathers 100 tips for every day work-life: where are cookies, what is toggl, how to set up meetings. Ideabook includes 100 micro-tasks
  • 3D Identity & Website for the Kyiv American University
    3D Identity & Website for the Kyiv American UniversityKyiv American University combines knowledge from Ukraine and the USA. We literally share this knowledge between the continents. Squares is the basis of KAU's visual identity. Because, the world of technologies is built on squares too — namely, pixels. On our logo, the bigger square shares his knowledge, so the smaller square separates from it. Apart from that, the logotype structure resembles the USA flag. Furthermore, a square is a basic element of Ukrainian embroidery as well. Thus, this symbo
  • Illustrations About Designers
    Illustrations About DesignersDESIGNERS✍️ For my SMM project, I created illustrations series about designers. All illustrations were built on designers’ insights so that every creator can recognize themselves here. I used Cinema 4d for building up the project and Marvelous Designer for modeling clothes ( it is important that all wear had to have stylish looks because designers are so careful with their appearances), and Substance Painter for the texturing things and drawing tattoos and makeups. I added the pet to our charac
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Work history
    Chief Creative OfficerROCKET Delivery App
     - Kyiv, UkraineFull Time
    MANAGING A CREATIVE TEAM: • created an in-house agency • led a design team • hired new team members • developed an educational course for a design team MANAGING A CREATIVE PROCESS: • combined conceptually and visually different design directions: Ukrainian marketing, European marketing, and product design • setting tasks to an internal team and tracking progress • brain trusted, inspired a design team, evaluating ideas and design • collaborated with external marketing agency • digitized company design processes • created blueprints of main products and road maps of main directions • implement new software in a workflow to improve design processes and expand the capabilities of the team • raised a conceptual level of communication to a fundamentally different level INVOLVEMENT IN THE CREATIVE PROCESS: • brand audit, new branding, brand guidelines • digital communication strategy: CRM, email, in-app guides • promo campaigns with KVs, landing pages, commercials
    brand & UI-UX designer, 3d artist, creative directorFreelance
     - Kyiv, UkraineFreelance
    • Volia new brand identity, brand book. brand platform and advertising image campaign • brand identity, brand book, and app UI for Je energija sub-brand • brand identity and brand book for a French high fashion brand Dysto. • Lenochka brand identity and brand character • Slotoking brand identity, brand book. brand platform and advertising image campaign • brand identity, brand book and UI-UX web site for it and gaming company • brand characters and environment for a construction company KAN Development CLIENTS: Volia, Netent, Lenochka, Je energija, Dysto, Die Kulturtrager, American University Kyiv, KAN Development
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  • APP UI
  • Ui/ux Design
  • Creative UI
  • UI Applications
  • Web UI
  • APP UX
  • Mobile UX
  • Creative Advertising
  • Art Direction/copywriting/creative/digital/build/campaigns
  • Creative Conceptualisation
    Master of ArtsThe National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
     - Kyiv, Ukraine
    Diploma in Graphic design
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) Donetsk College of Arts
     - Ukraine
    Diploma in Graphic design