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Toby Clarke

Graphic DesignerMilton Keynes, United Kingdom
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Toby Clarke

Graphic DesignerMilton Keynes, United Kingdom
  • Penguin Student Design Awards Winner 2019The final concept is a clean and minimalistic design that demonstrates the main themes of censorship and authority. This is achieved from the use of official looking redacted text which has been manipulated to represent a Government letter. It allows for the concept to express a cold, harsh and unreceptive tone through use of its restricted colour palette and rigid grid design. The use of redaction creates imagery of a metaphorical imposing brick wall which further emphasises the themes of obstr
  • Artisan Drinks YCN 2019Award: Commendations 2018/19 The concept for this campaign was to create a fresh and bold theme that reflects not only the unique direction of Artisan Drinks, but to its young and exciting audience. The main slogan of ‘Why blend in when you can stand out’ is the core for the advertisements and allows for the viewer to imagine a story in each example.
  • Silverstone British Grand Prix 2019This concept was chosen by the Silverstone merchandising team as the official design for the 2019 British Grand Prix. The design was printed on various pieces for sale such as t-shirts, hats and various accessories. Silverstone would also invite me to attend the British Grand Prix to observe the designs success with its audience and staff.
  • YULA Drinks D&AD 2020Our main goal with the campaign was to show the similarities that a can of YULA equals to a tree being planted and saving the planet, we achieved this by demonstrating a strong positive slogan guerrilla style advertisements that would consist of the drinks cans being wrapped around a tree in urban areas. Along with the campaign pushing the viewer to substitute their commute from a polluted mode of transport to a climate friendly example such as urban bicycles.
  • Penguin Student Design Awards 2020The cover design for this book effectively contrasts the protagonist’s poor and destructive life from London during World War Two. With the peaceful and colourful countryside, which evokes an impression of escape for a hopeful future. The representation of a typical Evacuee tag acts as a gateway to a new life to the book’s protagonist. Which combines itself with a characterful 1940s illustrated aesthetic, to make for an effective and fitting final concept.
  • Editorial Beyond the PageThis spread design responds to the well-known ‘Ten Principles for Good Design’ by renowned modernist designer Dieter Rams. The engineered spread encapsulates Ram’s ‘Less, but better’ theory, which favours minimal design over complexity. It features the Braun SK61 turntable that is argued to be the first piece of innovative product design by Dieter. The strict grid spread transforms by using the Artivive app, which demonstrates Rams’ piece of design come to life with his own interview extracts.
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  • University Of Northampton, BA (Hons) Graphic CommunicationOur Graphic Communication course explores the ever-developing field of graphic communication within the creative industries through practical application and investigative debate. You'll explore new ways to expand and challenge the conventions of visual communication through both experimentation and critical awareness. You'll have opportunities to collaborate on live briefs, cross-disciplinary projects and work with the wider design sectors to reflect professional industry practice. https://d
  • Sea Pollution: Global Citizenship TopicPlastic waste has been a hot topic over the past several years. Between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year, posing a major threat to all marine life. The concept was to build a fish out of rubbish materials to form an effective shadow. -
  • D&AD YULA 2020YULA is an environmentally friendly brand which sells energy drinks. This copy-led campaign aims to portray the way in which the company is set on giving both the consumer and the world a healthier life. This is because it is both a main aspect of the brand identity but also something which a typical 18 – 25-year-old is interested in within the current day. This reasoning also influenced us to create a tagline for the brand of “Save the world. With a can, we can”.