Zoe Thomas

Zoe Thomas

Graphic DesignerNorthampton, United Kingdom
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Zoe Thomas

Zoe Thomas

Graphic DesignerNorthampton, United Kingdom
About me
As a graphic designer I thoroughly enjoy working on a large range of briefs, in particular, print based design such as branding and packaging. I enjoy being able to physically see and hold graphic design in a print format, as it makes a change from just sitting behind a screen. I endeavour to produce high quality work which goes beyond the brief in order to successfully meet and succeed a client’s expectations. The ever-evolving field of design, and the technology used to create it, makes it an extremely exciting time to become a graphic designer. It has created new sectors, new software and a greater field in which I'd like to to experiment, learn and educate myself to be able to create a diverse and extensive range of designs.
  • Penguin 2020 - Goodnight Mister Tom
    Penguin 2020 - Goodnight Mister TomPenguin Random House each year hold a student competition where students across the UK are able to submit a book cover design to any of the three options Penguin display. I chose to create a design for the book Goodnight Mister Tom. I created a typography based design where I have painted the lettering and also created an illustration of a blackberry. This is a key element to the book, as the awkward and shy William Beech goes blackberry picking with his first ever group of friends.
  • Whitworths Packaging
    Whitworths PackagingWhitworths approached asking for us to help with some designs to refreshen and redesign their current packaging as they felt theirs was slightly dated and therefore not reaching the younger demographic which they wanted. We created an illustration based selection of designs which each individually fitted to the contents within to create a contemporary and bolder design for the Whitworths brand.
  • Dissertation - Ethical Consumerism
    Dissertation - Ethical ConsumerismWithin my dissertation, I discussed the topic of ethical consumerism, and deliberated whether or not it is a genuine branding strategy or just consumer manipulation. I tackled this by initially researching into ethical consumerism and how it began, before looking into companies that transitioning into a more ethically inclined company and their advertisements. I lastly discussed what I believe the future of ethical consumerism will be.
  • D&AD 2020 giffgaff
    D&AD 2020 giffgaffGiffgaff is a well known company who lets their community of giffgaff members be the centre of their mobile company. This brief asked us to create a campaign which promotes the use of 5G to a community of our choice for giffgaff. The community we chose, was young carers. We felt that they are a vulnerable community that could really benefit from 5G in ways others might not necessarily need to, hence we designed an event which would allow them to come together and be celebrate as giffgaff legends
  • Penguin 2019 - The Establishment
    Penguin 2019 - The EstablishmentOut of the selection Penguin Random House selected as their student competition briefs, I chose to design a book cover for 'The Establishment'. Within the book, the establishment is referred to as an inkblot, and I used this to create a fountain pen ink blot, the blot used to cover over and represent the information the establishment are hiding.
  • Final Major Project - Dementia Book
    Final Major Project - Dementia BookThere are so many people world wide that suffer with dementia. It not only affects the person with dementia, but their families and loved ones are also impacted massively. Through photo manipulation, I have created a book which aims to support these families and loved ones by giving advice as well as presenting dementia in a variety of ways.
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Projects credited in
  • University Of Northampton, BA (Hons) Graphic Communication
    University Of Northampton, BA (Hons) Graphic CommunicationOur Graphic Communication course explores the ever-developing field of graphic communication within the creative industries through practical application and investigative debate. You'll explore new ways to expand and challenge the conventions of visual communication through both experimentation and critical awareness. You'll have opportunities to collaborate on live briefs, cross-disciplinary projects and work with the wider design sectors to reflect professional industry practice. https://d
  • D&AD giffgaff: Giffback Young Carers
    D&AD giffgaff: Giffback Young CarersThrough speaking with a young carer, the campaign to help solve problems faced by the young carer community was directly influenced by the thoughts and ideas of a real member of the community. With the brief aiming to solve issues faced by the community through 5G, the campaign emphasised the direct solutions that 5G could provide the community (e.g. better service to improve communication and reduce isolation) and aimed to celebrate and unite the “legendary” group of young carers, whilst helpin
  • Branding Design
  • Packaging Design
    BA Graphic CommunicationUniversity of Northampton
    Northampton, United Kingdom