Any fellow furloughed workers? How are you utilising time and keeping productive? Looking for inspiration!


  • Worked with a charity capturing photos for their volunteers, creating a sereis of photos for them to use on their social media / reports. Upskilled and gained website development skills.
  • @Lily Nicole Totally, although self-investing and exploring are definite forms of upskilling, too. Plus, the book's been a steady stream of income for me. Win win!
  • @Evan Brown as a foodie myself, I love that! One definite positive about COVID has been the abundance to enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen again, especially on a weekday when cooking can seem a task. Completely agree on the need to take advantage. We will never have this kind of time again. If it’s not to be practical and up skill, then it is at least the opportunity to self invest and explore
  • I wrote a pandemic cookbook, and am working on side hustles. Here's the thing--the freelance is alreayd starting to pick up. There's a short window to be productive before "reality" comes back. I highly recommend taking advantage of it, if for no other reason than it will help channel the negativ emental energy you may be experiencing.
  • @Nikky Lyle thanks for linking me Nikky! Just taken a look now. Particularly love the idea of writing a letter to your future self post quarantine. This is definitely an exercise I would do myself - it’s been a bizarre year in which so many of us have learned a lot about ourselves. It’s important to remind ourselves of those lessons!
  • Hey Lily, I've been running a series of Industry Leaders events and I've created a Podcast. You can see all the info here :)

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