Any websites with free or cheap royalty free music/library for animation videos?

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  • I dont remember if this has anything thats any good (last looked at it about 6 years ago) but Moby the musician has a library of music for Non-profit/independent filmmakers, probably worth having a look at!
  • Use
  • That’s so sad to see someone at The Dots is asking for a subscription based music library for their art.
    Tons of people are here trying to collaborate each other, at least building a portfolio or simply happy to help with their best.
  • Hi Terry,

    Personally I use Audio Jungle, it's not free but prices are reasonable, and if it's a commercial gig you simply need a serious conversation with the client - it's not allot of money. There are others and in terms of music selection you get what you pay for, but you can do allot with £30. I am not going to put all the work into my video to do a great job to skimp on the music for a few quid.

    Where there is no cash payment you are expected to give an attribution.
  • Hi Terry,

    This one seemed pretty good from memory:

    Got it from this list:

    Hope it helps :)


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