Any young designers out there want some mentoring? I havent got any juniors right now and I miss sharing and nerding out!

I'm self employed these days, working as a contractor for the most part. I don't regret my decision to go self employed even though this year has crippled our industry and work has all but dried up... That said I really miss working in teams and mentoring the junior designers so I thought I would do a shout out and see who might be interested! I appreciate my dots profile is a bit boring right now and could use some updating but if anybody is interested drop me a line!

Ideally I'd find someone who wants a little input and advice from time to time, who might want to share some work with me for feedback or ask for tips when they get stuck, or even just bounce ideas off! I never had a mentor at the start of my career and I always wished I had... so... now I'm a bit more expeirenced, I thought I could fill that role for someone else perhaps...

I'm a traditional designer working within branding, advertising, concepting and generally turn my hand to most jobs that come my way but prefer opportunities that play with letter forms and typographic principles.


  • @Angel Tejeda Hey, sorry being a little slow, drop me a line in my DMs and let me know if there's anything I coudl help you with specifically or if you want some input on anything :-)
  • @Md Sadiqur Rahman Fahim hey thanks for reaching out, let me have a look when I get a moment and I'll give you some thoughts :-)
  • This would be fantastic! I'm always to progress any advice and feedback is very welcome! This is my portfolio.
  • I would like to learn more from you. Here are my portfolio:


    My recent case study on logo design:
  • Hey Ben, I'm a Junior Designer always eager to learn from the Seniors and their experiences, I'd be glad to get your advice :)

  • Hello Ben! I got out of uni and I'm just starting out "in the real world" I would love to have some feedback and advices on stuff, would it be okay if I DMed you?
    Thank you
  • Hi Ben,
    I'm not junior but I'd love to share my portfolio with you for some feedback? Can I send to your email please?

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