Anyone have a good example of a cover letter for Graphic Design?

Most examples I've found are very Business/Sales focused and don't really apply to Graphic Design. I am especially interested in what sections I should include in my cover letter and what the format should be (i.e. bigging myself up and talking about my experience and skillset in general, or 'echoing' the job requirements from the advertised job spec)?
If anyone has any concrete, compelling examples of a well written cover letter for Graphic Design jobs, I would be very thankful.


  • @Jemima Garthwaite Very good advice in this article, hopefully it'll help me next time I'll write a cover letter. Thanks a lot.
  • Hey Ana, I just wrote an article about this on Medium. It's targetted towards anyone looking for their first role in advertising/creative industry jobs. I hope you find it helpful.
  • Hey Ana, I would recommend aot of what has been said before but also the following:
    - address someone by thier name in the letter
    - try reaching out on a few platforms (email, linked in, the dots, twitter etc)
    - be specific as to why you are applying, interests, what sparked your interest to the company etc
    - try out subject lines like "Your next Graphic Designer" or something that just makes it specific
    - be personal, people want to to know about you and what will seperate you from the rest of applicants
    - link all your relevant channels like portfolio, socials, anything that will give them your work

    Hope that helps! Good luck

  • Hi Ana,

    Generally I would say Luke below made a point however the over fancy subject lines might can appear as a spam and they are not able to search back if it doesn't state clearly your title.

    Also just some basics:
    - call people by their name if you can when you start
    - basic structure like introduction - body - summary
    - have something to stand out
    - try to reflect the job spec fi. they wrote it on a 'cool' way than you should also keep it easy

    Hope it helps. Feel free to check out my work on
  • I have many have switched coverletters over the years, I have to source them out. Best to approach coverletters in mind:

    1. Keep it short, the influxs of emails can be over 100+ last thing someone wants to read a long essay.

    2. Subject make it fun design related

    3. Personality can you enject some personality, based on the studios personality/character have a sense of humour, you will be joining a studio family important you will be fun but also hard working.

    *Make sure to cover key words in the job specs not to over do it.


    Subject: I save my work on to the sever (Crispin Porter and Bogusky Midweight Designer)

    Hello J (don’t know your full name), Hope your well, I’m a LESS TALK, MORE WORK attitude so I wont bore you with a cliché covering letter, as I know you’ll get a lot of emails, so I’ll get to the point. Attached is my CV/portfolio or visit Melon Modern<> — My work encompasses various disciplines of design, whilst illustrating my dynamic experience as a designer. I’ll be a great designer who meets the calibre you’re seeking to join Crispin Porter and Bogusky. If you would like to discuss my work further and more about my process, lets arrange an interview next week. Regards, Luke



    Hello Fairy(s), Hope your well, really enjoy your portfolio, studios personality. I follow your company, despite my self not having wings, hard to keep up with you — I’m shit at articulating myself with words, don’t have ego to sell myself. Are you looking for any freelancers for design projects ? — attached is my CV/Portfolio or can view my work here Anyways thank you for your time, acknowledging this email, appreciated. *Maybe meet up get hummus and carrot sticks ;) if you decide you want to know about me and what I do.  Regards, Luke


    Subejct: PORTFOLI-OOOHS PORTFOLI-AAAHS (Are you hiring?)

    Hello We Are Guerrilla,
    I got your contact through another designer who knows your girlfriend — through the grapevine heard you were looking for a designer. Here is a small introduction to me: My name is Luke — I’m a freelance designer working under a studio name Melon Modern and freelancing in-between design studios. I’ve attached my portfolio/CV illustrating my skills and experiences, which I hope meets the calibre. If you could keep me in–mind for any opening opportunities. You can also view my portfolio online
    Thank you for your time and acknowledging this e-mail, hope to hear back from you.

    *If you would like too see more of work I can forward you more or present them, but consider they are under non-disclosures.

    Regards, Luke
  • Hey Ana, I also struggled with what to write in a cover letter for creative roles. I used creative recruiter Nikky Lyle's guide here it was really helpful!
  • nice to see that I'm not the only one struggling with this eheh I guess we need a ghostwriter :D

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