Anyone looking for a collaboration for a children’s story book ? I have illustration skills but I need a writer and ideas

I’m broke so I can’t fund anything but it would be a great project that can generate loads of portfolio worthy work?


  • Hey there,
    I am a storywriter writing short story series for a London based travel magazine and working on my screenplay, a novel and short story collection.
    I am also working on a superhero comic idea.
    I would love to collborate with you.

  • Hi Annalise, I have both the ideas and the writing, I would love to create childrens book. Did you have anything in mind ?
  • I've been writing a lot of short children's stories. Looking for a better illustrator than myself to work with. Let me know!
  • Hi
    I can help with ideas. Checkout my online portfolio:

  • Hey Annalise, I think I could help with ideas. :) Check my portfolio on the dots or my website and if you're interested, pop me a message. I could tell you a story on the spot and see what happens.
  • Hey Annalise,

    I've actually written a children's book and have been looking for an illustrator. Do you gave an email I contact you on?


  • Hey Annalise! I have always wanted to write books for children and have quite a few ideas that we could work on if you'd like? Would be amazing to have something like this on my portfolio!
  • Hi Annalise, that's something I've had deep in the pipeline for a long time. I have ideas and the writing ability and would need the missing piece: the illustrator. As always it's all about time. My contact details are, store my mail address and maybe....just maybe! day we can have a chat and bounce ideas around

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