Calling all FEMALE creative talent. Are you a director, editor, dop, photographer or animator working in branded content/commercials?

I frequently get briefs because I am a woman. Yay for having boobs!! Yet I find it really hard to find female crew to work on projects with me (often a client requirement.)

I know there are some super talented ladies working in traditionally "male jobs" (gaffer, dop, grip) so I have decided to set up a new production agency that celebrates female talent and houses us all under one roof.

I would love to connect if you think you might be interested in collaborating with me. Looking to put together a roster and launch soon (ish.)

Please reach out via the messages and send me a link to your portfolio.


  • Hey,
    I work as a graphic designer in marketing, advertising and social media. In the brand's photo sessions, I take the responsibility of being the fashion coordinator and producer, the stylist and fashion photographer (including image editor).
    I would love to work on your projects. My portfolio link is:
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind Regards,
    Carolina Mirante
  • It's good to hear clients require some female crew, thats quite rare. I'm a female DP, but also work as a cam assistant/ Spark.
    Hit me up :)
  • Hi Nicky!
    I'm a editor but I have mostly worked as sound designer and producer for ads and commercials. Happy to send you my reel with the brands I have worked with this year as well as some references.

    Talk soon,

  • Hi Nicky,
    Im a London based choreographer/ and movement director, it would be great to connect if you ever need someone with those skills.
  • This sounds great! Would love to conenct and get involved :)

  • Hi there,

    Freelance video editor! Speicalise in social media video content
    Kind regards,
  • LOVE this Nicky. Let's all support our fellow females!


    Yay for boobs indeed hahaha
  • Hi Nicky,
    I am a Documentary Photographer and storyteller that has recently graduated from Leeds Arts University and am really interested in this opportunity.
    I have just messaged you with further information.
    Kindest regards,
  • Hey Nicki,

    I love this! Currently working as a junior editor on branded content for the likes of Amazon and Unilever.

    I would love to throw my hat in the ring and work with some strong female talent in our awesome industry!


  • Hello ,

    Thats shounds amazing i am a fashion photographer and have done various shoots , I would love to be considered for this please ;

    Here is my portfolio :
    Deev Patel
  • Hey Nicky!

    I am a fashion and portrait photographer and would love to get involved! Please, have a look at my work below;

    Lovely to hear this initiative!

    All the best,

  • Hi Nicky!

    I’m a Durham University graduate. I have previously worked for The Palatinate as the Chief Sub Editor and for The Bubble as their Sex, Love and Gender Editor. I also regularly wrotepieces for both the newspaper and magazine. I specialise in Politics, News, women’s issues, interviews, Fashion and other Arts.

    My portfolio link is:

  • Hi Nicky,
    hope you are well.

    My name is Simona and I am London based makeup artist.

    I especially enjoy working will all-women teams on sets.

    Here is a link to my Instagram:

    I can send editorial and/or commercial portfolio via email upon request.

    Have a lovely day,
  • Hi Nicky,

    I love this!! I am always looking to work with an all female team (which is part of my practice). I love the energy women bring on set, and just in general!

    I'd be keen to get involved in one way or another.

    Here is a link to my portfolio:

    I am currently working on my final masters project, but my avaliability opens back up in October.

    I hope we can work together on this! It's a great initiative!

    Suzannah :)
  • Hi @Nicky Woodhouse,
    This post really caught my attention- I feel exactly the same way! I work under the creative collective Industrious Dark with my partner Adrian, so work tends to reflect the 50/50 gender split but whenever we crew up, it really is difficult to find females for certain roles that are traditionally dominated by males.
    I work predominantly as a video editor and would love to be considered for any roles you might be looking to fill in future!
    We work on a range of creative projects, from narrative-driven music videos, and digital adverts to visualisers and corporate work with brands such as Partisan Records, Unilever, Mino Games and NHS Scotland.
    For more information, check out our website:
    Really hope we can collaborate at some point!
    All the best,
    Emma Dodds

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