Copywriter looking for an art director to buddy up with. Lets get down to do some funky cool stuff!! :)


  • Hello 👋
    I may be the person you are looking for 🌹.
    I leave you here my website, open it from your computer and you will enter directly to my desktop.

    Enjoy ♥️
  • Just a silly yankee Art Director seeking a writer with energy and a younger point of view. My writer friends are too tired.
  • @Mihai Tigleanu Hi Mihai, I’m a copywriter looking for any potential projects. If you’re still interested, you can message or email me at
    Kind regards,
  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm an art director on the lookout for a copywriter! You can see my work at . Feel free to drop me a message here or send me an email at

  • Hi Sarah,
    Sounds great! Would love to know what project you have in mind, I'm always looking to connect with fellow creatives for potential collaboration!
    You can message me on here or email me at to get in touch :))

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