Could I get first impressions on my portfolio?


  • @Lisa Matzi Hi Lisa, thank you so much! Silas Digital is also one of my favourites, I am a big fan of the dramatic animation showing off the logo.

    I will definitely work to update my projects description within the week.
    In terms of the navigation, I am planning on spending the following week refining the site. Hiding the navigation is definitely something I am going to include!

    I have looked through your projects, and your experience and talent is a serious inspiration! So I appreciate you taking your time to view my folio and respond!
  • Hi Patrick!
    Just had a look at your portfolio - first up: you are extremely talented and clearly have a great eye and sense for detail. Your work is smart and carefully thought out. I think Silas Digital is my favourite project because you have come so far from initial sketches to the final design and I love the use of textures. It would be great to have some supporting text that explains your process a little bit and why you landed on the final version.

    The only other thing I found a little distracting is the navigation, I feel like you could simplify it a little bit and maybe hide it when a user looks at the project case study to allow for distraction free viewing?

    Hope this was helpful! All the best for your job hunt! You'll be smashing it I have no doubt!

  • @Cameron Buckman thanks for the review, I appreciate the compliment on my folio. I’ll definitely play around with how much of the process I show! Thank you again!
  • Hi Patrick,

    I would say for someone hot off the press, your website is pretty good!
    (I certainly wasn’t at that point when I left uni)

    I would say it’s important to show development in sketchbooks but for me, showing “here’s what you could have had” especially to a client can be problematic. So for me choosing what not to show can be just as important. If I had my way I would just get rid of the developments under each project as they can distract from your ideas I’m each project.

    Take this feedback with a pinch of salt as hiring creatives may want to see your trail of thought. But maybe you can just leave those developments in your sketchbook to show in interview?

    Hope this helps and best of luck chap!
  • Hey, just cheked your site out, the layout is amazing man I love it! However, when tryting to get into the sight and look at the projects everything took too long for me, maybe get some other people to see if this is a reacurring thing.


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