Creative director for a startup made redundant, but what roles do I apply for now as I am considered "inexperienced"?

I was headhunted for the role as Creative Director, after working in, and studying architecture and design for nearly 4 years, but got hit with redundancy as lockdown came around, now I am utterly stumped as to where to look for work and what jobs I should be applying for?

I consider myself a multi-disciplinary designer, hence my CV and experience seems sporadic (design consultant, spatial designer, 3D visualiser, creative designer, part 1 architectural assistant - to name a few) but each job I've had over the past 8 years has fed into my skillset so I am reticient to tailor my CV to specific jobs. Obviously I would never expect to get a job as a Creative Director at an established firm due to my lack of experience, but would like to aim for that as a goal.


  • Hi Eleanor,

    Sorry to hear about your situation, it really sucks.

    I think networking would help. Maybe join a couple networking groups around subjects you find interesting. Being a freelance myself almost all of my work comes through networking and word of mouth.

    If you're aiming for a CD role then I guess my question would be a CD for what company? For example design angency, archictectural practice, client advisory? This might help target what companies to start talking to and what networking groups to join.

    Your mix of experiences seems more like a huge positive to me more than a downside. I think you're right in tailoring your application for each job and try focusing on what they're looking for, pulling out how your broad experience has allowed you to work on that aspect and proving that you'd be able to help them get to where they want to go.

    In regards to your applying roles, then seniority can be taken with a little pinch of salt. If your application proves your tallents then most people would negate the years of experience they put in the job description.

    I hope that helps a little.
  • @Evan Brown Hi Evan, thank you! My first question would be the same as my question to Anna. But secondly, do you think I should I be applying for specific roles? Or should I just apply for anything that sounds right for me, regardless of the required "seniority"? I don't want to get too down in the dumps with rejection emails haha.
  • First off, sorry about your situation. This has been a shit year for so many people.

    Freelancing, as Anna said, is a good way to get your foot in the door as an art director or designer or whatever you wish to do.

    I would also consider applying to more start-ups or in-house jobs as well as they tend to need people who can wear many hats. You certainly sound adept at that. And if it's the right place, you'll be able to grow and thrive.

  • Hi Eleanor,

    I'm wondering did you consider freelancing? Quite often people with such a diverse skillset and experience can be way more fulfilled as a freelancer. Although I understand the title creative director is quite shinning but doesn't mean too much in reality. Money wise also you can earn the same amount as a freelancer. Most of companies quite cocky about having at least 10 yrs experience to be a CD, with few years experience managing a team and also significant amount of CDs are male.

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