Currently learning After Effects. Is there any good tutorials I should watch or has anyone got any tips?


  • Hi Dan, I've only done a little bit of work in After Effects but this guys tutorials are really nicely done and some good free ones to get started. I did the animate vector illustrations one which was good fun
  • focus on most important (depends from your personal focus), but mostly it is: learn how ui works, keys on timeline, putting and arranging effects,
    blending layers... and then experiment with different input materials (photo/video)... and focus on experimenting how differents effects work together and which is good to achieve what you want... although you would like to experiment without any purpose to explore more ;) I suppose.
  • Here are my favorites:

  • I've found these channels to be very helpful:

    Good luck!
  • Lynda & Skillshare have great courses. Totally recommend you start there. If not, just start with some basic videos on Youtube. It's all about learning the key tools, then from there on, you can pretty much do anything on the software.

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