Do you have experience on Fiverr? Is it worth signing up to as a freelance designer?

I have been hearing of the platform more and more recently, but very mixed opinions. Just wondering if anyone would share their personal experiences with Fiverr as I am currently considering signing up.

Any opinions from freelancers that use it would be greatly appreciated! – thanks in advance 😊


  • @Tanel S it sounds more like you are saying watse your time trying and testing. When she actually is asking us for support because who has time to waste on yet another algorithm.
    I'm glad u got to wing it and make some money but it doesn't sound good if u r sending her in a pond of work where the water is stagnant for the last year.
    And relative to Toptal. They r bad ass. Its really specialised and high end.
    I appreciate your perspective on having a bad experience and taking the learning from it. That was awesome.
  • My experience was pretty simple. I signed up to offer my card readings and the business advisor told me for every ten people that I bring to fiverr and they make a payment, I'll get two or three hot leads. This business consultant is super successful on fiverr. She said its a numbers game.
    I did it anyway, I got ten of my people to buy a reading from me and leave a review. Then I got new prospect messaging me, but it was a waste of time in the end. I didn't get a single new client. After some time of inactivity they disconnected me.
    I got lots of other recommendations from fiverr for people who put on requests and who ever matches their criteria gets notified so I had to make proposals but they also got no where.
    Now, I've used IT peeps from fiverr not once and it's always been quick, useful, works well.
    I'd say you should go for what your heart tells u is the best way to source new clients. Thank you.
  • I am the opposite and say go for it.

    Haven´t worked in Fiverr however as some others have brought out Upwork is similar. I have worked there mostly as a hobby.

    Yes sure I have been quite some time there however all together I have earned 6 figures.

    People who say don´t go there are afraid. And I feel it is natural to be. They are afraid that someone produces something cheaper. And that is true. I think my first projects were some web banners for 30€ however you can build up fairly quickly.

    If you know your job and can do good work I would say its pretty easy to earn around 50-60$ per hour. Possibly even 2x more than that. Sure it takes some luck but way easier than to real life networking. Take 6 months do some quick projects and build your profile. Though last half of the year has been pretty quiet there.

    Be prepared to get scammed. There are clients who use stolen credit cards or just try to keep you as hostage in fear of getting a bad review. But again depends what do you see. I see it as oportunity to learn and to deliver. I could say that I have managed to work with people from all over the world and learned to deal with every kind of a client.

    Also I have tried to hire some people from there. Actually competition is not that high. Most people are inexperienced or charge decent amount if they know what they are doing.

    However there are other "more quality" freelance networks.
    Toptal perhaps. I don´t have experience because I was rejected by in my opinion way more inexperienced junior designer who was aceing the dribbble game.
    Huddle - seems really nice. Have applied to a few jobs however never won any projects. But lets be honest. There are people who have experience in Big Tech companies and guess it is lot harder to compete.

    So yeah. I would say Upwork as an example has been an easy ride mostly. Could earn pretty decently if you have skills and push some real hours. To be honest again. Last half of the year or even last year it has been slow there and I somehow feel it could be bit harder to start and good times may be over. But still doesn´t take much to see those sites out yourself. Test how it works.
  • I've yet to hear any good reports from higher end designers using those sites. Fine for a hobbyist looking to bring in a few hundred quid per year, but otherwise, no chance.!
  • I couldn’t agree more with the first comment. Do not waste your time with Fiverr, Upwork or Bark! I can’t see how anyone makes any money from it (other than the owners)
    Build your portfolio by networking in your local community. Partner with other creators etc. work on passion projects in your spare time and post on your socials. There is no easy way to get clients it takes hard work. But when you get them you know that they are willing to pay what your worth.
  • Absolutely not.

    Fiverr, Reedsy, 99Designs - they're all one in the same. Low-budget markets for cheap clients who are happy to contribute to the gig economy and ultimately devalue and denigrate creative professionals. They don't lead to good work, good contacts, or anything of value. They're just time sinks run by greedy pieces of shit who have made a huge contribution to all the bullshit clients we see turning up on The Dots.

    Stay VERY FAR away from Fiverr and all marketplace/bidding sites. It's not worth it and the only thing you'll get out of it is burnout (because you certainly won't make any money).

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