Does anyone have advice on how to get interesting freelance work? Marketing/copywriting ideally.

Looking to supplement some part-time work. Skill sets in marketing, Shakespeare, research, theatre.


  • I would consider what you are most passionate about. Is it defending LGBTQ youth, Climate Change, Gender Inequality, one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eaters? Reflect on what you are most interested in, research companies that compliment your passions and then create a marketing piece to pitch to their CMO. If you have a LinkedIn premium account you can research and connect with CMO's directly OR if you are a super sleuth a well crafted boolean search will uncover an e-mail address for you. Another thing you can do is engage with potential employers by engaging with content on their website, blog, etc. This will put you on their radar and hopefully give you an edge over others,
  • Yuno Juno can be pretty good for short freelance writing gigs. Also don't be afraid to just cold email clients that you think are a good fit and who you'd like to work with. Find the email of the right person in that organisation (marketing manager, creative director, etc) and wow them with your portfolio.

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