Does anyone know if you can select a .GIF file as a 'Project Thumbnail'? If so, can someone please explain how to?

RE: .GIFS / Project Thumbnails
Alex Joseph Graphic Designer
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  • Alex Joseph Graphic Designer
    Hey @Cathy Wang!

    I gave what you said ago and it all worked great!
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help!
    Thanks @Pip Jamieson for the assistance on this!
    Shoutout to @Richie Sumaili for the advice as well!

  • Cathy Wang Photographer and Social Media Creative
    Hey @Alex Joseph and @Naomi Jackson!
    Thanks @Pip Jamieson for reaching out :)
    To post a gif as your project thumbnail, you would upload your project as usual. I've noticed that in order to have a gif as your project thumbnail, the gif must be uploaded in the project. Once you reach the 'Select Project Thumbnail' page, they should show up as options for the thumbnail. If this does not happen, press 'Back to edit' to go back to the previous page, and then 'Continue' to try again and they should appear. Hope that helps!
    Cathy x
  • Richie Sumaili Photographer
    Yes you can i have a few, i had to change the aspect ratio to a certain number in order for the animation to move on here

    E.G 500x500

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