Does losing your phone or going offline for a week or so have any meaningful impact on your life? If so, what is it?


  • My life will stop. I run all my company mainly VIA phone/ computer, and must be reachable 24/7. Without phone and internet I will lose my business and all clients.
  • Losing the phone might be stressful :) but I've been kind off the grid for a week and I noticed afterwards I was more focused, trying to solve one problem at time instead of jumping from one to another. Also I was more patient...things sometimes take time to accomplish.
  • Losing my phone would give me angina as they're very expensive devices. That would be stressful.

    Deliberately going without though is a whole other thing. Often a good, relaxing thing.
  • I didn't have a phone for a couple of weeks and felt noticeably less distracted at work / in my personal life. If the temptation isn't there, it's a lot less hard to be distracted!

    On the negative side, a life without WhatsApp was very difficult to stay in touch with friends and organise meeting up with them.

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