Freelance Social Media Manager wanted with experience running a micro influencer's socials. Share your details or refer someone below ⬇️


  • Hi there, I would like to recommend myself for all creative work including motion design, reels and content creation. I would also like to suggest my associate Kate who is an experienced copywriter, content creator and social media strategist - we have worked closely before and make a very powerful team that can cover all areas for you.

    We previously worked for a large organisation and increased engagement rates on instagram by over 50%.

    Bry (creative)

    Kate (marketing)

    Many thanks, Bry
  • Hi Enziya,

    I’m very interested in this role, check out my portfolio and Instagram below.

    Likewise feel free to contact me at
  • Hi Enziya,

    I am a Social Media Manager and have experience working alongside a variety of micro-influencers. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn >>>

    OR reach out to me via email:

  • Heya Enziya, I would be very interested in this role if you're still looking for someone. My email is Thanks!
  • Hi Enziya,
    If you are still looking for someone for this role, I would be interested in assisting.
    I am currently working with a range of influencers on their social media and overall digital marketing.
  • Hi Enziya, please feel free to message me. I'd be happy to discuss how I can help. I've just finished working with actor, Lucien Laviscount, which included successfully launching his official TikTok channel.
  • Heyy Enziya! I have experience working with social media strategies, and strategic planning, also plenty influencer marketing campaigns
    This is my portfolio:
  • Hi Enziya, im a freelance social media manager and graphic designer from England with experience working as an inhouse and remote social media manager! I'd love to help and am available to start straight away!
  • Hey! I have experience being a social media manager for various platforms , would love to hear more, my LinkedIn:
  • Hi Enziya,

    I have extensive experience in social media management. For years, I have worked with many influencers and brands.

    Here is my portfolio:
  • Hello Enziya!

    I am a Marketer who hones in on social media with 10 years experience. I also manage celebrities and influencers brands, manage their social media campaigns and negotiate deals on their behalf.

    I believe I could be of value:
  • I have experience in social media management in the influencers sector let’s discuss your availability

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