Freelancers and agencies how do you accept payments from clients what service works best for you?


  • @Charles Sladdin ah that’s fine thank you that’s incredibly useful and I’ll check out underpinned too thanks
  • @Rahul Islam off the top of my head, I can't speak for the US, but we have a Swiss client who pays via bank transfer and that works. The sending does take a bank transfer fee out of your payment, but you can usually ask your client to pay that for you if you have a good relationship with them.

    FYI, we have a Starling business account so I can't speak for all bank accounts!

    If you're a sole trader, I would highly recommend looking into Underpinned as they have a bank transfer setup that clients can use straight from their invoices.
  • @Charles Sladdin ah interesting thank you are you able to use bank transfers for other countries such as the us?
  • We mainly accept bank transfers, with the occasional direct debit for recurring charges (like retainers). We do offer card payments via Stripe for some clients when they specifically ask for it as they have the lowest processing fees, but you aren't able to charge additional 'fees' for that anymore in the U.K. due to new legislation they brought out last year.
  • @Sandrine Bascouert Been using paypal too but didn't think about adding the fees onto the client that makes sense Thanks
  • Bank transfer is best. Sometimes I offer payment via Paypal, but you should charge more if you will bill this way, as Paypal charge fees. I also have a Transferwise account which allows you to accept payment in different currencies locally, without fees. This is the best option I've found so far.
  • Same as @jim below. Myinfo is on all my invoice and I do accept payments either in BACS or occasionaly through PP (I am adding 3% fees to the bill to cover this) when clients are overseas (Mainly the US) as transfering money from there seems prohibitive. I used to accept direct transfers from clients from the European union, but I need to check with my bank how it works now. I expect there will be additional fees. Another "bonus" to put down the list.
  • Bank transfer is the most common way to do it. I have accepted Paypal in the past and on some occasions cash (with a signed invoice), in any case, always make sure it is recorded.
  • I think most people myself included Just put our bank deets on our invoice and get the money via BACS or CHAPS.

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