Have you also been recently in interviews that the salary range offered was way below the usual for the role?

I've been invited for a couple of interviews recently and the companies were offering a salary that was at least two levels below the normal for the role. Is it a new thing due to the pandemic and the huge amount of professionals available on the market or was I just unlucky?


  • Yep. Also job titles are changing halfway through the process. Talking to recruiters and it seems to be a general trend in a “fluid” job market at the moment :(
  • They are always trying to save money and get the lowest rate but the numbers have dropped since the pandemic. Don't believe the hype though. Business is picking up. Besides any number is just a starting point for negotiation.
  • I would say both.

    They offer a lower salary because some will take that too who is really desperated. I would say if you can afford than ignore them they are just had people to work with and you will feel it in everything in longer term. If you can’t afford to ignore them take the job but keep looking. This situation should go sooner or later is just question of time.
  • @Tony Mulvahil agree. It’s a tough decision but in the end, we have to remember that they will get a higher level work than what they are paying for. I believe they know the risks that they will face with this as well.
    Thanks for your reply, Tony!
  • @Andrea Lennon exactly! I’m asking mostly because I’m assuming that I haven’t got a few replies because when asked about the salary expectations, I was asking for something way too far from what they were paying (and I understand their struggles as well) and never got a second email... at the moment I’m not saying my expectations but just letting them know my previous salary and telling them I’m open for negotiations depending on the client, account, team, etc.
    Tough times!
    Thanks for replying, Andrea!
  • Companies will take the opportunity to lowball you because they can. This is not good behaviour. After all, you will leave for a better paid role as soon as you find one. I know it takes courage to turn down work when you don't have any, but don't take the job if the pay is not aligned to your skills and experience.
  • It certainly shoudn't be part of the new normal! I can only speak for Critical Mass but we've done some hiring during the pandemic and have not dropped salaries at all. While I understand the predicament given economic challenges, you should never undervalue yourself - maybe there's a compromise like truncated hours? Or accept for a shorter term if you need the financial boost while keeping your eye out? Or have an open and honest conversation if you accept about revisiting this if/when things tick back up? It comes down to what you're most comfortable with. Many companies are struggling and doing what they can to still execute high quality work despite increasing pressure by clients and decreasing revenue. It's a tough situation, but if it's a great role and company maybe the foot in the door at a lower salary is a worthy sacrifice.
  • While I haven't reached interview stage as of yet, I'm seeing a vast amount of job specs with salaries much lower than normal, and at the same time, requiring more responsibilty than usual.
  • Hi Kivia,

    It is true that the salaries currently offered are lower than usual due to Covid and the enormous amount of candidates. I’ve read a report from KPMG which spoke about the situation the last couple of months at the employment market and salaries have decreased quite extensively unfortunately. Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,


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