Hello, as a new freelancer in creative direction and photography, I need advice on pricing my services. Any tips?


  • Hi Maria,

    Before looking at pricing be clear of your offer, what are you selling?
    I don’t know your story and forgive me if I’m wrong, a Creative Director is a senior role fitting the creative to the business strategy, looking at your previous questions that may not be you yet.

    In this game being creative goes with the territory, it won’t make you unique until you have a strong style, and being creative is mostly about your vision and how you view the world.

    There is allot of theory in pricing – however it is as much mind games and confidence as it is the numbers (once you have covered costs). You have to be able to justify your price and firstly this comes from you believing it yourself. There is no escape from this for a simple reason, what is true in every creative’s commercial life is there will always be someone younger and cheaper that you, (being cheap won’t save you) so you have to be able to pick a rate and know why – this is incredibly hard to do, but it’s vital you can do it.

    Look at what others are charging, be informed by them but don’t be led by them, pricing is all about you, what you believe you are worth and your confidence in that.

    I‘m guessing you are wanting numbers, ask yourself do you believe you are worth £500/£600/£700 for 8 hours, can you confidently justify any of those figures to yourself.

    Two last things, if you can get David Falzani’s book Double Your Price is probably the best book out there he talks about his book and pricing here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYTZrvlsZ_Q
    It’s a long video, that does not really get going until after about 8 minutes – I’ve seen him give this presentation live – it’s very good.

    As a short and practical guide look at Wisern’s pricing page, it is photography specific

  • You might find someone in this list that can help:


    Or check out creative recruiter salary surveys - eg Major Players.
  • @hani ofan

    and here it is:

    Certainly! Pricing your services as a freelancer in creative direction and photography can be a challenging but crucial aspect of your business. Here are some tips to help you determine a fair and competitive pricing structure:

    1. **Research the Market:**
    - Look at what other freelancers in your niche are charging. Consider factors such as experience, location, and the types of services they offer.
    - Analyze both local and online markets to get a comprehensive understanding of industry rates.

    2. **Calculate Your Costs:**
    - Determine all your business expenses, including equipment, software, travel, insurance, and any other overhead costs.
    - Factor in your time and expertise. Consider how many hours a project will take, and don't forget to include time spent on communication, editing, and other non-shooting tasks.

    3. **Consider Your Experience and Skill Level:**
    - If you're just starting out, you might need to offer lower prices initially to build a portfolio and gain experience.
    - As you gain expertise and your portfolio grows, you can gradually increase your rates.

    4. **Value-Based Pricing:**
    - Consider the value you are providing to your clients. If your work consistently delivers strong results or solves a particular problem for them, you can justify higher prices.

    5. **Set Clear Packages:**
    - Create different packages or tiers of services to cater to various client needs and budgets.
    - Clearly outline what each package includes to avoid misunderstandings and scope creep.

    6. **Factor in Additional Costs:**
    - If the project requires additional resources or entails extra costs (e.g., travel expenses, special equipment), make sure to factor these into your pricing.

    7. **Client Budgets:**
    - Understand your potential clients' budgets. While you shouldn't undervalue your work, being aware of what clients are willing to pay can help you tailor your offerings.

    8. **Keep an Eye on Industry Trends:**
    - Stay informed about industry trends and be flexible with your pricing strategy. Adjust your rates as needed to stay competitive and reflective of the current market.

    9. **Build Relationships:**
    - In the early stages, building relationships and a strong portfolio might be more valuable than high fees. Consider offering special rates for long-term clients or referral programs.

    10. **Reevaluate Regularly:**
    - As your skills and reputation grow, regularly reassess your pricing. Don't be afraid to adjust your rates to reflect your increasing expertise and demand.

    Remember, finding the right balance between fair compensation for your skills and attracting clients is key. Be transparent with your clients about your pricing and the value they will receive. Adjust your rates over time as you gain experience and recognition in your field.

  • Research similar creatives to see how they offer their services. Think about how yours in terms of a finished product. For example a retouched portrait photo or creative mockups. Then have an hourly daily price in mind for clients that need adjustments or even consultancy. Make it clear what the services comprises such as rounds of changes, idea generation, number of finished images etc.
  • Hi Maria, I’m a creative coach. I work with freelancers and business owners to monetise their services better. Let me know if I could be of any use to you! Yasmine
  • Ask chatgpt it’ll give you a more cohesive answer than any of us here. It all depends on your experience and reputation.

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