Hello everyone, I've been updating my website during isolation, and would really appreciate some feedback on my site. www.deemstudio.co.uk

If you're happy to have a look at my CV and portfolio drop me a personal message!

Ahead of my launch of instagram, i'd really appreciate it if you could give my page a follow on @deem.studio


  • Hi Ella,
    I think there's too much stuff floating around, it's the first thing you see and it's very confusing. I would have something more smooth or even still as first thing on the page. Also the font choice and the text layout seems not consistent throughout. I would chose a nicer font too.
  • @Ella Marshall I understand. I am no SEO expert but will try and help, let me know.
  • @Patrick Ofosu Great idea! Thank you - I always struggle with SEO as I become too focused on the design aspects. So any tips on SEO are much appreciated
  • @Caroline Bottomley Hi Caroline! Great idea - I’ll be sure to chase some from my past projects!
  • Hi Ella, hope you are well! Clean, the whole site simples :)

    A few suggestions and in addition to the stellar advice below:

    For SEO purposes - the Page Title (browser Tab) change from Deem Studio to e.g. Deem Studio - Art Direction | Creative Production | Workshop Facilitation maybe? Can alt text be added to the images in this template? Can you modify your page keywords and descriptions (meta data in the source etc)?

    Any further help, let us know. In the meantime, keep safe and continue the great work!
  • Hi Ella
    Attractive - do you have any customer testimonials you could put above the fold? "create, consider, connect" could become more specific to you and why clients should choose you. Check out 'value propositions' in your search engine of choice.
  • This is very very fun website! Love your choice of typography and colours.
    The only thing I would work on a little more is the menu. The transition when the menu opens and the way the menu content is designed.

    Nice work :)

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