Hey! I've been working on my website, mariabeardall.co.uk, for a little while now, but would love some fresh eyes - any feedback pls? ◡̎


  • In our western culture we don't really like mutilfaceted offerings... which is ironic because the further you get into creative business the more you will find that some (if not many) clients want one stop shop solutions. A dichotmoy you can ignore for now.

    What I see from you is three possible facets (or creative identities) that do not have focus for business based solutions quite yet. These are, as you have stated, photography, writing and graphic design. To get traction, from a professional point of view, start with one - the one that will help you stabilise financially might be a good choice but that is not always the highest priority because some people are looking for creative fulfilment - or as close as they can get.

    You have a good starting point to launch in any direction - but I would note that you have some good graphic design based imagery in your insta feed. The kind of imagery that shows you and your work together. I feel this might be something that you want to portray - the human side of the creative process rather than just the final output. This is great because it helps to set you apart - people buy from people after all.

    I am happy to give you a 30 minute zoom call (free) to talk through some of these aspects if you would like to DM me.
  • I agree with the comments below, it is a lovely site, really great photography but not sure what your aim is. You title on here says you are a Graphic designer, but that doesn't really show in your website. You definitely need more definition on what it is you want people to take away with them.

    I hope all this feedback is useful – Good luck!
  • Hi Maria,
    I agree with Ruben, I understand you are posting photos and comenting about your trips, lovely shots from Paris btw! But what are you aiming for?
    I think a good solution is create another page for your work so the main website - with the photos and blog vibe - can be a separate one, treated as a hobby, unless of course you want it to be your main thing.

    Apart from that the website is very clean and minimalistic, lovely.
    You mention you like to design, photograph, film and write, so maybe one page for each? So you post there your latest work? :)

    When we like lots of things in the creative world can be hard to chose right? haha I know I've been through a lot of areas too - a jack of all trades - but it's ideal to focus on one ;)

    I'd love if you visited mine too btw, if you want to give feedback as well it's appreciated - DM me so it's not on your post thread ;)


  • Hello Maria,

    It's a bit unclear what you are aiming for. Is it a portfolio or a blog? Also, the color contrast on the header image seems low, you might want to check it out. Apart from that, you have a lovely site.
  • Hi Maria,

    I think the most immediate thing I would say that needs addressing is making it clear what you're selling yourself as, the site upon arrival is a little confused it seems as I couldn't tell if you were a writer, photographer or graphic designer. Whilst I recognise that you are all three and I think that having these all manifest in the site will give the site more personality around yourself, I think they need to manifest on the site in a more clear format.

    I think there are numerous ways you can go about that, but I think otherwise you risk people visiting your site and leaving without really knowing what you can bring to the table. I also don't think it would hurt to add some form of design language, be that colour, motifs, layout or a combination of them all to give the site a little more pop, and that there could be a little more attention to detail in some areas of formatting.

    You're photography is lovely and I think you've got loads of personality to work with and bring forward, it just needs a little tinkering, hope this helps and good luck with it all!

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