Hi Dotters ❤️ I am already a senior consultant but I feel inspired to pursue a PhD. Do you think that it is a career booster or killer?


  • Hello Matthew! I appreciate a lot hearing alternative prospectives, thank you for offering yours. You kind of guessed right on this one, being a perfectionist I am worried about setting myself to "fry"; still, the desire of offering my contribution to tha academic community is stronger than my burnout fear. If you have any recommendations for funding options, please do share them. Thanx again!
  • Hi there Elis! Thank you for offering me some input on the matter; it is much appreciated. Indeed, your point about location is a pain one for me; as I am a freelancer, I need to maintain some level of flexiblity. If you have any universities in mind, please do recommend; even though I have Copenhagen Business School in my mind, I could browse a bit more. Thanx again!
  • Hello Brian! It is lovely to e-meet you; thank you so much for putting the energy to reply. Education is alpha to me and I would love to give back to the academic community via research; sure, money-wise it is a rather "poor" decision, but as you said, not everything that counts can be counted. I am keeping this as a proverbial token; thanx again!
  • Hello Areti,

    Nice to meet you.

    I envision also to be a returning student, then, I consider this path as a positive action. A PhD is not a killer or a booster automatically. It depends on
    § what you planned (the expected outcomes).
    For example :
    **to reinforce your current skills
    **to add a line to your bow
    **to change your career etc...
    § what you structured on the ground
    **If you have a boss, it would be better to keep her/him in the loop (what are the benefits of your PhD for her/him)
    **If you are your own boss, you can keep in the loop your clients (the benefits for them - better services, new services)
    **whatever your situation above, share how you would balance your training, your work and your family life ( e.g. : you selected a flexible university -more time for executives to complete, online system , etc...)
    In my case, the choice was between " onsite" or "online" for a new master I wanted to do, and between a "DBA" or a "PhD" for my major.

    I hope it helps.
    I'm happy meet someone courageous like you. Feel free to contact.
    Have a nice day,

  • its a huge undertaking - and anyone considering it would need to look at how they're able to balance work and their study at the same time, but i would say that someone with deep specialism is always super interesting as a consultant, especially if they're a published author on the topic. anything which shows dedication and deep interest and curiosity, for me, is a huge career booster, but just be mindful of how much you might be taking on at one time.
  • Hello Areti,

    I honestly believe that if you feel inspired to do something then you should do it.

    There are always consequences and ramifications for every decision that we make, and I think that the decisions that we do not make are always those that are tinged with feelings of regret and remorse of ‘what could have been.’

    Your final decision will lie within your core values, and if you value higher education above the instant benefit of continuing your career then you will find a way to make everything work, even though it may not be easy it will be the right thing to do, and if your values lie the other way then the opposite will be the right thing for you.

    A PhD does not guarantee a much higher income and continuing a career does not necessarily provide the same sense of accomplishment as a PhD, so the answer will reside within you, but the benefits of the PhD will come from how you personally position yourself within your chosen industry after you graduate.

    A PhD is not a career booster or killer, it depends on the work ethic and abilities of the individual that has the qualification, and for many PhD’s it is worth more than a career booster because not everything that counts can be counted.

    Have a wonderful day.

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