Hi everyone! Looking for any PR/press outreach advice. We're an early stage startup without a budget for an agency. Any insight appreciated


  • Hello @Jamilah Jaffer : check out @Lucy Werner
    You can follow her on instagram, she has great advice and has also released a book titled Hype Yourself, full of PR tips. You can find it online. She also has an online course and you can book her for one to one's I think.
  • @Abigail Baldwin thanks Abigail, I have heard Twitter/X is a good place so that’s next on my list. Good to know it actually might work!
  • Hi Jamilah, I use a company called https://www.prdispatch.com/ PR Dispatch and they essentially help you with all templates, replies, what to include and give updated lists and access to journalists emails. It's way cheaper than an Agency. They give you the tools to do PR for yourself. It's mainly directed at product based businesses, so if you're start up is serviced based however it may not quite be the right fit. Hope that helps Xxx :)
  • Hey Jamilah, I've gone on a similar journey in the past and you can definitely get traction without an agency. Whats really important though, is that you have all the pieces together before reaching out to press. It will only be helpful if you get the right coverage by the right media at the right time. That said, your step by step process could look like: 1) write a press release 2) compile a list of the publications you want to be featured in and the key contacts for those (twitter is a great source for emails) 3) start reaching out with a short summative email and attach press release. Expect to be largely ignored/rejected but with persistance and being very specific with who you reach out to and why (how you would think they could cover your offering), you'll get there! Hope that helps, Lex x
  • Many journalists hang out on Twitter (or X as it's now known)! Look for the hashtags #JournoRequest and #PRRequest for call-outs from journalists. There are also a lot of groups on Facebook with similar opportunities advertised.

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