How are people finding it looking for working during a lockdown?


  • @Trinity Mitchell Its hard but not impossible. You can start to apply for jobs you'd like. Read between the lines, sometimes the companies are busy and cant see beyond what they usually look for in a candidate, tehy might need you but not realise it, they can only say no. In the meantime start transferring your stills into software, learn the software and become proficient, by the time this has past and things start to turn around you will be in a better position.
  • I'll chip in and agree with everyone else who's commented and say it's tough and more competitive (at least being a junior I feel that way). I've been looking for a new job since January, obviously before the pandemic.

    I'm lucky to still have my job despite being on furlough and that uncertainty about my future is still there. I feel like the job market will get increasingly difficult over the next few months though - I'm already seeing less and less opportunities for juniors and graduates which makes me less confident still. Just trying to stay motivated and continue to work on my portfolio!
  • @Bob Mollema Yes I need to be more pro-active in how I approach the hunt for work. I'm just feeling a bit lost and defeated I think, which makes everything feel harder. But I'm slowly getting there!
  • @Trinity Mitchell Ah you really are in a difficult situation. Isn't there a way to use your painting talent for something else? Editorial work is in great demand. You could try to respond to current events in the world through simple sketches. Then you can work out a series of them and go to magazines and newspapers. It's just an idea, but it's a shame if your imagination has been in sleep since March.
  • @Emily-Jayne Nolan In the illustration scene in the Netherlands, print is quite large. Many crafts such as screen printing and etching are used. You see a lot that the artist himself takes care of the printing. I am delighted to see all those crafts flaring up. Photography is also suitable for this. 4 color screen printing or riso should work beautifully with photography! That is, if you want a certain effect. If you go to you can see my portfolio!
  • @Bob Mollema Exaaactly!! That's why I'm interested now. Are we bringing back print?!?!! Hope so haha. Ah thank you so much, Ged is an incredibly talented guy, an absolute joy to watch. And you're so right about it being a balance of two times. Gonna go take a peek at your work now!
  • I've been out of work since mid March, as I mainly work in events, doing live painting and designing for wedding and parties - all of which has been cancelled for the forseeable future. It's knocked my confidence a lot and I don't feel qualified for any design jobs out there, which are all digital based.

    I'd like to take the opportunity to change career direction slightly, but how does one go about entering into a new sector with 0 experience in a pandemic when noone wants to take risks?!
  • @Emily-Jayne Nolan
    That's why I was so curious! Because if a pandemic like this boosts our print sales, we might have a nefarious plan with the entire creative industry to boost sales haha. I just reviewed your work and ended up in The Luminor Sign Co. Beautiful photos with an atmosphere. It seems to be due to the modern setting, but the traditional way of working. Nice balance between two dimensions of time.
  • @Bob Mollema Ah that's great to hear! But not so much about the work dissapearing again. It's just all so uncertain. I wonder how many freelancers will 'give up' -- (don't like that phrase but, go do something else lets say). It's really disheartening to see ALL the creative industries suffering. I don't sell any prints of my work, probably should start, but not sure how other photographers have felt. Would be interesting to know if their prints were being bought! Now I feel like I missed out!! Hope things stay good for you!

  • @Emily-Jayne Nolan That also happened a lot here. I was lucky because I was in the middle of an application procedure with two others. It was a job for 24 hours. So perfect to combine with freelance. But then Corona chopped in and the interviews were postponed. Suddenly I received an email from the company asking if I had time for a small job. That pleased and the number of assignments grew. Now it is starting to decrease again, but I found that an interesting development. It could only have happened because of the Covid-19 crisis! I think there will be more stories like that. It is certainly true what you say. People are afraid and prefer to keep everything inside to be on the safe side. But slowly everything becomes more accessible again. I also noticed with fellow illustrators and designers that their postcard sales went up to Jupiter. I believe that individuals felt a great desire to support local artists. Have you seen that in your environment?
  • It was super hard during the first part of it. I still haven't heard back from jobs that were 'postponed' but am now having an influx of work coming through. I think people are panicking now, realising we will probably go into another lockdown, so people are trying to get things shot before we go back into a stricter lockdown. I think nows a good time to start sending out emails to existing clients, see if they need anything before the madness begins again! Hope it hasn't been to too tough for you!
  • I found it quite difficult at first because there were many uncertainties about the future. At least that's how I felt. Now I am very happy with the internet and use it more than ever before. Previously, I was sometimes afraid that it would be dismissed as 'easy' to email potential customers. But now I embrace the power of e-mails and research a lot about companies and institutes. It has already brought me quite a lot I must say. So the lockdown has changed my approach in a positive way. What about you?

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