How are you feeling right now?

We ask people how they are, but never how they are feeling. This may be a useful question to ask your family, friends, customers, clients and suppliers. The answer may surprise you. I am interested in how you are feeling, your answer may help someone else.
Thanks, Michael.


  • @Michael de Groot Wow, it's clear a lot of work has gone into this. Yes, strange how things pan out – glad you're making the most of your musical connections.
  • @Patrick Ofosu

    Thank you for your message Patrick. You are 100% correct, 'this too will pass', is one of my most favourite sayings. Just staying in the now and I have to say I have enjoyed the isolation at times. I've always secretly believed that life as a monk can't be so bad. Haha. Best, M ツ
  • Hi @Michael de Groot, hope all is well. Counting the blessings, Despite the dire, there's the opportunity, opportunities to be inspired. This time to shall pass. I had a gander at the video for Taiko West, good going there sir. From Punk to Drum :-) Kudos to all.
  • @Michael de Groot
    Thank you so much Michael! This is genuinely very kind of you. I'll definately have a look when I can. It is difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. I love storytelling and coming up new ideas..
  • Thank you, that's an honest answer @Sasha Batt and I can only sympathise with the worry of finding employment. It's actually no different compared to finding paid work as a business, it's not actually the same and then in many ways it is. I've had a look at your LinkedIn profile briefly and you can do more with it I feel.

    I created a while a go a video course on Udemy, which is in my humble opinion the best course on how to use LinkedIn. It may be a little out of date in terms of the UX visuals, but it has the right approach and sentiment, including how to do storytelling on there and create a great looking profile. If you have time to work on it, here is a free coupon code/link to subscibe to it for free. No catches, no gimmicks, just a genuine gift to help you with your job search. LinkedIn and The Dots are probably the best 2 places for you to have a great profile. And then it's about connecting to people on LinkedIn and growing your connections in an authentic way. Anyway it's all in the course.
  • @Katy Mawhood of course you can. Have a look on our website. - It has been a labour of love. When I was a teenager and a drummer in a punk band in London for 3 years only, I wished to be in the music industry and now through a strange set of circumstances I am. As they say, be careful what you wish for!
  • Anxious about my future and thinking when I'll be able to start my career. Job searching has been stressful during these times
  • @Michael de Groot Reaching out and asking open questions is a great initiative. :)

    A better world – I hope so. I'm reading so much about how people are valuing kindness right now, and I hope it sticks. The corporate world can be quite cut-throat, and I don't think that's cohesive to a world where we are faced with these unprecedented challenges.

    That's amazing to hear about your teacher's Taiko Drumming course and how your supporting this project! I'd love to take a sneak peek if you're willing to share?
  • Thanks so much @Katy Mawhood for responding. Counting my blessings is a really great answer. I'm doing okay, thanks for asking. The world is indeed strange at the moment and eventually when we start to emerge back to a different normality, it might also be a better world, who knows. Financially for my business it's not great, but so far I'm not letting that affect my mind or outlook. I'm busy but most of it is voluntary. Looking to submit an arts council application in the next month, fingers crossed that might work. It's in relation to a project that I am supporting, which is having created, in the past 8 months, the UK's first Japanese Taiko Drumming interactive online course for my drumming teacher. It was a hobby, which has become a job, but 80% of my time is unpaid. Stay postive, stay well and stay happy. Take care Katy.
  • A little resigned and counting my blessings. It's a strange world that we find ourselves in right now.

    How are you feeling Michael?

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